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    Demon Baby!

    Felicity Vrago
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    Demon Baby! Empty Demon Baby!

    Post by Felicity Vrago 4th December 2014, 1:30 am

    Katherine was happy again, because of all days of this winter chill there was a single warm spot in Magnolia. This made her happy to see a bit of light and color once again to break the sequence of endless white. Katherine started dancing her way to Magnolia with a skip in her step and a song in  her voice. There was nobody aound, but the sorrounding mountains allowed her voice to echo from miles away. This made her sing to the best way she knew how and let the nearby farmers and passerby enjoy the uplifting song so their travels were less weary. In fact Katherine saw several passerbies

    "Let's go sunning
    It's so good for you
    Let's go sunning
    Beneath the sky of blue
    Greet the sun every morn
    Feel as free and happy as the day you were born

    Let's go native
    Sun your cares away
    Be creative
    Learn to live and play
    Pretty flowers need the sun
    This applies to everyone.

    Life's worth living
    When nature's giving
    Happiness to everyone
    So let's go sunning."

    Katherine danced and sing the entire way in a carefree manner that a child would do if there was nothing better in the world but her untainted innocence. Well partially tainted innocence, because Dark Angels were not saints but the left hand of the Gods. Their assassins, murderers and killers. It was one of these jobs that brought Kat to Fiore in first place. The mission now being switched to recconaissance on what was now one of Katherines best friends. Funny how chatic events turn out. Still the world needed more singing and dancing, so Katherine continued to do so with much fervor until she made it to town.

    "Let's go native
    Sun your cares away
    Be creative
    Learn to live and play.

    Pretty flowers need the sun
    This applies to everyone
    Life's worth living
    When nature's giving
    Happiness to everyone
    So let's go sunning."

    Katherine smiled as she made it to edge of town, song finally over as she arrived to do her job. Babysit a baby boy that was proclaimed to be a monster. What harm could a child be? It was all accidental right? Her surprise was reat when she saw how fast the parents left the house when Kat arrived. Not much of a hello or goodbye. In fact it felt like she was practically pushed in as if to shield them from the baby. That was not good and they were going to be out of town for a night? Was this baby going to get fussy or was tere more to the child? There was only one way to find out and that was to enter the possible warzone that she was going to get into. Katherine sighed as she proceeded to walk towards the baby. It looked cute and adorable, but otherwise there was  knife in its hand.

    Katherine immediately took the blade from the hands of the child, but not before  getting swiped by the blade. The baby was trying to kill her after all! Blood gushed from her hand as she was cut by the blade. Why was this blade anywhere near him? And why did the baby have the strength to wield such a thing? Katherine paused and smelled the air. It dawned on her that the smell was not human, but something darker and more sinister. She smelled the unholiness of the child that was stood before them and knew immediately the truth. This was an actual demon child! This change everything when it came to babysitting him. Nice an polite angel will not do, but fierce strict discipline! They were both opposite sides of the Celestial spectrum. Unlike Karina though,there was no control though. Karina may be a demon, but she was Katherine's favorite snuggle girl. This was an absolute terror.

    Katherine eyed the demon child again as she washed the knife and put it away.  This was more than Katherine expected out of him. The baby started to cry, but Katherine ignored for longest time. It was instinctual to hate demons, but could be overlooked if civil enough. This one simply got under Kats skin. So she put up with nothing, she fed the baby when hungry. Changed diapers when it went to bathroom and cleaned after baby. Never once did the child ever stop crying, but it wasn't because it was unhappy. But it was doing it to cause suffering to the angel. Katherine was tempted to slay the evil creature in the crib, but maintained composure. Instead it returned the favor by singing back to the demon, drowning the cries out of the demon with her angelic voice. There was almost immediate silence afterwards, it was like training a dog. One had to show discipline to train beasts and this child was no different. After a while and several attempts to cry and cause bodily harm to Kat, it was all over. Katherine could have silence and peace and quiet. The baby fell asleep out of boredom, but looked like Kat had everything under control. Katherine smiled as she left, she wanted to run but maintained composure. As soon as door closed behind her the baby woke up and started crying, giving the couple the true meaning of hell on earth. Katherine smiled an walked away with a spring in her step and a smile on her face. It was over and good riddance...

    Never again will Kat take a babysitting job.


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