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    Another photoshoot


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    Another photoshoot Empty Another photoshoot

    Post by Aayla 3rd December 2014, 11:21 pm

    job information:
    Job: Be A Model!
    Rank: Rank D
    Player Requirements: Up to 2 members only, D-Rank or higher, min 150 word per post, min of 5 posts per player
    Requirements: Only female wizards can take this quest.
    Location: East Forest, Magnolia.
    Description: Sorcerer Weekly is looking for female mages who can model for them in a photo shoot, with beautiful face and body structure of course. The theme is about being eco-friendly. The model will be wearing creations of Chanelle, the famous designer in Fiore. And one more thing, the photo shoot will be held in the East Forest of Magnolia.
    Prize: 750 jewels each.

    After the concert with Yuna was done, Aayla ended up spending the night with her co celebrity in a swanky hotel in Magnolia. Apparently, Yuna had plans for her the next day and the young dragon slayer was not allowed to leave until these plans were done. She was actually kind of worried about what the celebrity had in store, as the concert the night before had already made her quite uncomfortable. She was still a shy young girl, and having to perform such a new skill in front of such a huge crowd was extremely intimidating.

    When morning came, Yuna had the young girl up at the crack of dawn, already waiting to leavethe hotel room for whatever it was she had planned. Aayla on the other hand, took her time getting ready, feeling quite sluggish and tired, her throat sore from the previous days performance. She barely had time to do her hair before Yuna was dragging her out of the hotel room.

    She took Aayla to the edge of Magnolia’s east forest where a large photoshoot area had been set up, causing Aayla to groan slightly as she had been here once before… last year in fact not long before she had met Yuna. She was extremely surprised though to find a large area enclosed by sealed glass with a green screen behind it. She wondered what that was all about until Yuna turned around with a devious smirk and handed her a plain black bathing suit.

    “Come on now, let’s go get you changed! Oh I have great idea’s for you Aayla… I pet these will look great in the magazine, and even better on an album cover!”
    She stated excitedly as they went into the tent reserved for them to change and both girls got into outfit.

    Once in her bathing suit, Aayla headed out to the large glass enclosed area she was told to go too with a large blush on her face. They then gave her a microphone and asked her if she would be able to fill the area with water up to her midriff. She looked at them questioningly but promptly did so. Water flowed freely from her hands until the casing began to flood with water. She then began following both Yuna and the photographers instructions. She began to sing their song from the previous night, manipulating the water so that it looked at if she was singing into a wave of water. Pose after pose she moved as if she was on stage again, the water flowing from both her body and the water she had conjured to create an already beautiful image. Even as she dropped her microphone and swam about, the photographer was going crazy taking pictures of her. She sang, she danced, she swam and posed in many different ways, upping her game tremendously from the last time she had done this job. Finally, she swam towards the surface of the water (which she had now filled far above her own head) and activated her water body just as she came crashing through the waves, twisting her head just enough so that her hair swung up above her body, creating an amazingly beautiful image that the photographer was quick to capture.

    When the shoot was done, Aayla climbed out the top of this tank just as people came around to pump out the water, user it to water the forest instead of creating a massive puddle that would no doubt drown any plant life around them. She then walked over to the photographer and to Yuna who had been cheering and quickly ran up to hug the dragon slayer once more.

    “Beautiful! You are absolutely gorgeous!”
    She praised, causing Aayla’s deep blush to return to her cheeks as she smiled awkwardly.

    It took a few hours for the photographer and his crew to have the images ready to hit the magazine. However, as soon as they were done they went to find the two girls, now dressed in their regular clothing, and showed them how the prints ended up.

    Aayla’s jaw nearly hit the floor as she looked over the images! How on earth did they manage to capture her with such a scenery around her? Things that were not with her in the tank, like rocks and fish and all sorts of backgrounds were suddenly visible in these prints. Even the way that the photographer captured her image astounded even her.

    “These are awesome! I bet Cirven won’t let me live this down though.”
    She said with a light sigh, though her smile never left her lips as she watched Yuna finally step up to take her turn.


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