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    Deliver My Letter {Venir/Solo}

    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Deliver My Letter {Venir/Solo} Empty Deliver My Letter {Venir/Solo}

    Post by Mistress Venir 3rd December 2014, 10:30 pm

    "NO WAY! SHE'S COMING TO TOWN!?" Venir literally screamed and to be honest fangirled when she saw the poster for one of Fiore's biggest idols. They were coming to Magnolia town!? She was quite frankly one of Venir's favorite idols, in fact she owned every issue of mage monthly that featured the said idol. So of course, when she saw the poster featuring a concert for the idol, Venir immediately rushed over to the ticket booth. To just so happen be in Magnolia Town on the very day her favorite idol was coming there? Today had to be Venir's lucky day!

    "50,000 JEWELS!?"

    Venir cried, no wait actually she sobbed. She was broke, she barely had 10 jewels let alone 50,000. This was supposed to be her lucky day! As she sniffled on a nearby bench another person had sat down next to Venir also crying. Venir turned and rested a comforting hand on the man's shoulder. "It's okay I understand. I too could not afford to see my favorite idol." Venir tried to comfort the stranger who stopped crying and turned to the mage, sniffling. He was to lost in his own grief to really notice or care about Venir's appearance and overall strangeness.

    "But it was love!" He cried out to the pink haired woman.

    "Shush little baby I understand. I too love her."

    "No I don't love her cause she's an idol. We used to be childhood friends!" The man shook his head, crumpling up a letter in his fist. "I was gonna buy a ticket to give her this letter to confess to her but I can't afford it." He groaned seeming to fall in a depression of sorts, sinking further down the bench. A few moments had passed before he noticed that the pink haired girl was staring at him with a twinkle in her eyes that she often got when she was scheming.


    "Okay stay on track Ven!" She strolled backstage in all her bikini clad glory. Venir had put a lot of thought into her scheme to get backstage and to meet her favorite idol, and to drop off the love letter as well. After many hours of meticulous preparation, the mage strolled casually backstage. Venir was dressed in a bikini like usual, but it was not her usual bikini. She wore the trademark pink that the idol's back up singers often wore, and the heels to match. Venir even took time to apply make up as well as cover up the various markings and tattoo's on her body. In all honesty, Venir could pass off as a normal and even attractive woman, as long as she didn't open her mouth and talk. Which luckily, no one questioned her as she strolled on in.

    She glanced back as she passed through the onslaught of fans with ease and managed to even trick one of the guards into thinking she was a back up dancer. If not for Venir's obscene and almost obsessive knowledge of pop-culture and celebrities in generally, she probably wouldn't have found the idol so easily. Not bothering to knock, the female mage barged into the idol's dressing room. Before the idol could even ask who Venir was or even call security, a letter was thrown at her. "Okay before you scream I just want you to read that letter. It's not from some crazy fan, I'm a crazy fan. That guy isn't. Just read it please!" Venir pleaded and did her best not to 'fangirl' which was very hard. The idol looked between Venir and the letter before opening it and reading it.

    "I remember him....He....He lo-"

    "Loves you. Yes I know. Can I get your autograph?" Venir couldn't contain herself anymore. The idol looked up at the mage for a moment offended, not used to getting cut off by anyone. However, the idol stopped her anger because it was this crazy pink haired girl that delivered the letter, reminding her that someone out there loved her not because she was an idol but because she was well her.

    At that moment an agent of sorts rushed in. "Miss emergency! One of the dancers twisted their ankle on the stairs! What are we gonna do? We don't have any other replacements!" The man appeared panicked and for a moment the idol did as well until a certain idea struck her.

    The idol turned to Venir with a smile, "You delivered this letter to me.....by sneaking in and pretending to be a back up dancer. Well you're gonna finish this job as a backup dancer." The idol laughed as Venir actually fainted, from shock or excitement the idol didn't know. All she knew that after this performance she was going to kick the mage out as soon as possible and go and find her childhood friend.


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