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    Deliver My Letter! (REDO ;-;)


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    Deliver My Letter! (REDO ;-;) Empty Deliver My Letter! (REDO ;-;)

    Post by Kocho 3rd December 2014, 8:19 pm

    It was an average day for Kocho. She woke up, showered, washed her face, brushed her teeth, and got ready to go on another job. She wasn't sure which job to take this time. She knew that she wanted something easy. Something that she could finish quickly. She was ready for her D-Rank status to be no more. She was ready for C-Rank. She was close to it as well. She was only two jobs away from it. She was happy that she was so close to accomplishing her first goal. Her main goal was to become a wizard saint. She wanted to make a name for herself. She was usually seen inferior to others, and is underestimated a lot. She was sick of it. She wanted people to know that she was a force to be reckoned with, that her size or age don't really matter, that she can hang in there with the best of them. While strolling the job board, she found an easy job that only had one requirement, deliver the letter successfully. She went to Magnolia, to the house of the man requesting the job. "Hi! Are you a mage willing to deliver my letter?" The man asked. "Yes I am. I'm Kocho!" Kocho said to the man. "Nice to meet you Kocho! I need you to deliver my letter to a certain celebrity. She is the love of my life! The wind beneath my wings! The other half of my heart! But she doesn't even know how I feel about her. She was my childhood friend. She has become rather famous. In fact, she is the most famous woman ever! Her name is Mary Histugi. I need you to deliver my letter telling her how much I love her!" The man told Kocho. "That sounds absolutely adorable! I would be happy to deliver this letter for you. How does this woman look?" Kocho asked. "I don't really need to tell you. But, you may not be too into celebrities. She is about five foot three, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and she is the most gorgeous girl ever." The man said. "Where can I find her?" Kocho asked. "She is coming to Magnolia today to perform a show. You can find her at the city theatre. But, you'll have to get backstage. And it wont be easy. There'll be many fans trying to get to her." The man said. "Okay, gotcha!" Kocho said. And with that, she went to the theatre in Magnolia. By the time Kocho got there, she had arrived but had not been performing yet. Kocho could see many fans in the theatre. So many she couldn't even count them without losing her number. "This will not be as easy as I thought." Kocho thought to herself. She looked around for a spot to get backstage. She found a vent that would most likely lead to it. The vent was twenty five feet away from where she was standing. Kocho needed to get within 10 feet of the vent in order to get to it. She was pushed and shoved as she ran through the crowd of fans. She could hardly think to herself I've all of the noise. She couldn't process what exactly it was that she was doing for a short period time. When she finally remembered, she took off the cover of the vent with her chain whip and then climbed into the vent by jumping up into it. She crawled through the vent trying to find her dressing room. She was quiet to make sure that the security guards couldn't hear her crawling through the vent. She was happy that she didn't see any bugs in the vent. That would have caused her to scream. When she had found the girls dressing room, she took off the cover of the vent leading to it and jumped out of it. "Aaaahhhhh! Who are you? Security!" The woman said. "Sorry to startle you. I have a letter for you. It's from a childhood friend of yours. Please call off the security guards." Kocho said. Kocho handed the woman letter. The woman opened it and read it and then said,"Awe. I wanted to tell him the way I felt for a long time, bur after I became famous, I didn't really have time to do anything. I was always on the road and it was hard to focus on my social life. Tell him I loge him too!" Kocho agreed to fulfill the woman's request. She went back to the mans house. "She told me to tell you that she loves you." Kocho told the man. "Oh thank you! I've wanted to hear those words all of my life! And because of you, I have! Thank you Kocho! You have made me the happiest man alive!" The man said. "No problem, it was my pleasure." Kocho said. The man gave her reward and she headed back to the Rune Knight headquarters ready to take on another job.

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