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    Delivering a letter... this time no tricks.


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    Delivering a letter... this time no tricks. Empty Delivering a letter... this time no tricks.

    Post by Aliannah 3rd December 2014, 8:06 pm

    Alyia was sitting on a bench in front of a small park. There was a new celebrity that was coming to town, she had heard all about it all week from every lacrima and radio that she had turned on. They were all surprised that a celebrity was coming to Magnolia. But at this Alyia rolled her eyes. This was not anything new to her. Magnolia was a busy place. People everywhere and that Fairy Tail guild being stationed here there must be a few trouble makers too. Opening her eyes the blonde looked out of the park and to the street where a teen aged girl stood there with a letter in her hands. The blonde tilted her head, the younger girl seemed slightly worried about something as she looked down at the letter in her hands.

    A sigh escaped the angels mouth as she stood up and walked over to the younger girl. She stopped walking and stood behind her. She looked over the girls shoulder still frowning, "So who is it for?" The blonde saw the younger jump slightly and spin around to look at Alyia. The girl opened and closed her mouth. She looked like a fish to Alyia. With a roll of her eyes the blonde snatched the letter away. Looking at the name it seemed to be the same one at the celebrity that was in town. "Is it for the guy that is in town?" The girl nodded.

    "Yes, but I can't see him." She seemed to tear up at this.

    "You really like the guy don't you. And with the fact that you wrote a letter it seems that you have known him for a while. Childhood friend?" Alyia looked from the letter to the smaller girl. All she received was a nod. Looking back at the letter the blonde twirled it in her finger as started to walk off with it. "I'm going to deliver this for you. Lover boy will get your letter."

    Walking off with the letter the blonde cursed at herself, what was she thinking. How in the world was she going to be able to deliver a letter to someone famous. That was when Alyia remembered something, she had already done something like this before. Feeling much better about what she was doing she made her way to the pavilion where the concert was going to be held that night.


    Night had arrived and the blonde stood outside of the gates ready to enter along with the hundreds of fans that stood around her. She had arrived with about ten minutes until the gates opened and when they did everything happened at once. She placed her hands on the shoulders of the man, supposedly a dad in front of her and launched herself into the air. She opened her wings causing them to slip through the slits in the back of her shirt. She flew over all of the people and over the guards that were letting people into the concert. "Sorry~ I have something I need to give to someone." She waved the letter as she flew past.

    Flying above everything it took Alyia mere minutes to find the room where the girls childhood friend was in. Landing on the ground right outside of the hall way that lead to his room the blonde folded her wings back but did not put them away as she would have to use them to get back out. Walking down the hallway she stopped in front of the door she knew held the performer. Placing her hand on the knob she turned it and entered. Seeing no one in the room the blonde walked over to what looked like his personal stuff and placed the letter right on top of it all and then wlalked over to a counter and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. She scribbled soemthing on it and placed in right under the letter and left

    AS the performer entered his room he noticed something was off. Looking around he saw a letter on top of his stuff that he hadn't remembered putting there. Walking over he reached down for it and picked it up. The letter was labeled for him. Opening it he read the contents and smiled. It was a letter from his childhood friend, but who had delivered it. There was no way that she would have gotten in here. Looking back on his stuff he noticed a small piece of paper picking it up he looked at what was scribled on the paper.
    "Delivered to you by an Angel"


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