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    Mice and Angel

    Felicity Vrago
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    Mice and Angel Empty Mice and Angel

    Post by Felicity Vrago 3rd December 2014, 3:25 pm

    Katherine was desparate for jewels around this time of year and was starting to do odd end jobs to everyone. They were not the most glamorous jobs in existance, but they were easy for most part to complete. Katherine looked at the next job on the list and just sighed. This job was going to involve rat killing, not the most pleasant job... It could have been a lot worse though. At least they were just a lot of rats as opposed to mutant rats or magical rats. It was also a good thing that she was wearing what she considered work clothing, but then again all of her clothing were work clothes. It never mattered how torn or dirty those clothes got, they were just material things to her. There was more valuable stake in all of this, Holiday Season and gift giving. She wanted to gift something spectacular to the guild, but needed resources to do so. And thus she was doing the little jobs that few mages did because it was beneath them or was too dirty for them. There was little shame in her work for her first life was humble begginings after all. It did not matter that she was considered rich now, because she would always remember her roots. Nobody, not even an Angel should forget them.

    Katherine looked at the house that she was going to work at and sighed, this was going to be much harder than she thought. The place was collapsing and falling apart, an obvious sign of poverty for this client. Katherine stepped in and introduced herself, "Hello dears, my name is Katherine Wickfield of Eclipse Soul and I will be the one doing your job today. Please tell me when did all of this start?" She stepped in to see peeled wallpaper and several entrances were rats could have gotten in and nested. This was going to be much harder than she thought. She was however keeping all of this to herself in the meantime, but by the way this house was run it was small wonder. The place was a mess in strcture and cleanliness, this was the sort of place where Kyll would have an OCD panic attack. If it was a member of ES that did this, it would include murder of the culprit that caused this mess in first place. Katherine stopped herself from sighing as she said, "This may take me a couple hours dears. I promise you though that the place will be rat free when this is all over.~" When they left she sighed again, this was going to take a bit.

    She started by pulling all the furnitures out and started sweeping all the food particles on the floor so that they would not attract any more mice to the house. They formed fairly large piles beneath her and made her cringe in disgust. How could anyone live like this? She proceeded to sweep, clean, plosish and dust the house nearly from top to bottom to make sure that she did not miss anything. Satisfied with her work, she exited to buy some rat poison in gas form as well as a filtered mask. She proceeded to return home and with usage of light air magic along with poison started toxifying the rats within the walls. Using her magic she used the poison and contained it in walls. The squeeks of the rats dying one by one filled the house and Katherine flt nothing. She was used to death and these things reproduced so fast that it mattered little. She still remember the Black Plague of a previous lifetime caused by these rodents. There was no mercy for these things and thus when there was no sound, she vented the air outside with her magic and freed the house from the gases. Katherine then did the last thing and got some plaster to cover the cracks that the rats could get in by. She used air magic to dry the plaster off and painted over it to make it look like there was never cracks at all in fact. the house looked like it had a total makeover. So it felt good when the couple returned amazed at their houses transformatin, while she broke even buying materials for the house and the reward... It felt good. Maybe this was what the Holiday seasons were all about. Charity and to give on to other for the sake of feeling good and helping those in need. This caused Kat to smile and laugh, this was utterly perfect in that regard.

    It was the season to be jolly after all...


    Katherine was smiling at this job, it involved a call to save a kitten that was trapped up in a tree, it was an easy job for Katherine for she had wings that she could use. This would be easiest jewels that she could ever get! And also there was a personal passion for kittens that Katherine loved! So the angel took the paper with the location and attempted to get to the location of the missing cat. This was not going to be too far away, but the winding path of the mountains made it easy to get lost and with the snowfall due to the cold winter the roads she normally was accostumed to was no longer was available and any attempt to fly would show only a row of snow covered Pine trees that covered the landscape. This was personally preferable as she wanted to take a long walk anyways to clear her mind.

    Katherine reminiscend about the times spent together with Kyll as young children. A time when Katherine was little more than an emotionless soul with a mortal shell. There was no emotion in the girl, just ruthless calculating mind meant for one purpose: Kill the Target. In this case Katherine's intended target was to assassinate Kyll early so she could not spread chaos to the world. It was on one of these cold days that it happened...

    It was on the day she arrived on Earth to meet a young Orphan that ran away from her stepparents, saddened by the loss of her parents to an assassination plot and have her entire life turned upside down by the wheel of fate. It was also why Katherine choe the child, sadness made things easier when it came to granting miracles to mortals. And there was no trickery given unlike demons, she told her exactly what would happen. That her soul would leave her body and would be reunited with her parents again in heaven to enjoy her eternal reward early. She would no longer know any fear, sadness or anger again. She also told her that she needed a mortal body as well and she would use it. Was it considered murder? In human terms it would be tantamount to assisted suicide, but otherwise it was a job well done even if the pay is a pittance.


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