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    Angel Delivery Service!

    Felicity Vrago
    Felicity Vrago

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    Angel Delivery Service! Empty Angel Delivery Service!

    Post by Felicity Vrago 3rd December 2014, 1:00 pm

    It was a beautiful day in this city, the sky was beautiful to behold natures bounty to part from the snowy winter weather. For what seemed to be a cold front was instead transformed into beautiful spring weather. It was a miracle or magic, but it wasn't. Instead it was the Dark Angel of Chaos taking a stroll towards her next minor job location.There was nothing that could dampen Katherines mood for this was in essence a break for the Dark Angel. A way to not bother one self with the infinite trials that Eclipse Soul gave. Today Katherine was a letter deliverer by a fan that wanted her love letter to be delivered to the celebrity. There was nothing that would stop the angel of chaos from fulfilling the contractors desire. If there was a little bit of chaos to be had then that was fine as well. She moved forward and across the town at a casual manner. Occasionally she would stop at shops that catches her fancy, a trinket here and a bauble there. In the end there was a shopping list to be had for her guild and those odd jobs to supply her guild with gifts would take a while. In fact that was the reason she was taking these minor jobs. It was the holiday season and time to be generous to others. It was a tradition that she particularly liked when it was applied right, but otherwise it was also a show of greed. Why would parents teach their children to want and demand things? They were lucky to be alive after all to enjoy all of life's pleasures. However the sentiment of giving a present to those one cares was a lovely sentiment.

    Katherine sighed, there was this beautiful cookery that she would love to present to Kyll, gift wrapped in red ribbon and put under Kylls bed as a Holiday present. Shaking her head and paying attention to the time she realized that she was going to be late. She strolled down the streets and to the concert hall, but approached from the side. There was no manner of way that she could convince the guards to let her pass to deliver the letter. In essence though that was why she was going to do things the interesting way. Katherine approached the 2 guards with a mild smile on her face, this was going to be interesting to see how it played out. She caused a massive snowstorm to erupt, causing people that were outside in line to panic. Winter had finally caught on! In fact the crowd was so bad it pushed guards away as they tried to rush inside for shelter. No time to even check for backdoor tickets! Katherine walked in with crowd and pretended to panic as the backstage people got in for heat. While they were focused on calming the crowd, Katherine walked to the door of the lead singer, opened the door and placed the letter on the mans desk. She then proceeded to turn around to exit, the guards finally catching on to her. Luckily that was also the time that Kat opened the exit door and the storm swallowed her. She would just be a snow girl taken by the storm to them, but Katherine would endure. Now she would have enough jewels to get Kyll the new cookery! Several more jobs to do!


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