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    Moon Cutter [WIP]

    The Black Knight
    The Black Knight

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    Moon Cutter [WIP]

    Post by Konstantine on Thu 27 Nov 2014 - 7:39

    Moon Cutter

    Rank: Artifact (+)
    Type: Sword
    Description: The Moon Cutter is a famous Nodachi from the country of Iceberg.  Its blade is 4.8 ft long and the guard is decorated with white fur and the sheath is also decorated with white crosses.  The sword was crafted from an extremely heavy chunk of metal that fell from the sky and weighs roughly 1000 KGs (About 2000 lbs.) which makes it an extremely dense material.  Originally when the sword was made, it was used as a sort of battering ram.  The strongest warrior in Iceberg (Who could still barely lift it.) would wield it to cut through the walls or gates of an enemy fortress.  However its weight made it impossible to wield properly in single combat.  Konstantine, with his mastery over the potential forces is the first man to be able to actually wield the Moon Cutter with enough grace to actually use it in combat.  With its extreme weight, the sword is capable of cutting through thick barriers of solid stone or metal as if cutting through butter.  


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