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    The Worst has come

    Naraca Breaker
    Naraca Breaker

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    The Worst has come Empty The Worst has come

    Post by Naraca Breaker on Tue 25 Nov - 14:43

    Well folks, the worst has indeed come as my old, terrible computer finally bit the dust and died on me. I'm writing this now on a buddies computer and it ain't the kinda place I can always go to to post. So I'm gonna be looking to get something by December 5th or so although I won't make any promises.

    To those of you I owe posts to I can only say i'll get to them as soon as I'm able. Till then I hope to see you all again soon. Till then the quest for a new computer shall begin!!


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    The Worst has come Coolte17

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    The Worst has come Empty Re: The Worst has come

    Post by Kusanagi on Tue 25 Nov - 15:07

    maybe you'll get enough experience points to become b-rank when you complete this mission :P


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