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    Deliver My Letter! (Decayuss)


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    Deliver My Letter! (Decayuss) Empty Deliver My Letter! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss 24th November 2014, 5:26 pm

    Deniel, once again, found himself delivering the love letter for "Lazzy". Deniel always wondered about his name, since it didn't seem like it was his real one. Maybe it was the name that the star knew him as, and that's how they recognized each other. Whatever the case was, Deniel was going to deliver "Lazzy"s letter once again. He walked into the theatre for the third time. The first time, he remembered, he was very impressed by its art and structure. Now that he's already been here, it pretty much looked like everywhere else to him. Deniel saw the door that lead backstage at the coner of the theatre, and a guard standing in front of it. Deniel approached the guard, and he held up his hand to Deneil. He shook his head, as if telling him that he can't go in. Deniel didn't have time for this. He raised his hand, and gave a swift shop at the guard's neck to knock him out. He didn't want to kill anyone today, but he didn't want anyone delaying him or stopping him. It was the third time now doing this stupid job, he just wanted to get it over with. After he knocked out the guard, he checked to see if the door backstage was locked. It wasn't. He could open it. It was a really stupid thing; having a guard without a locked door was weird scurity. Deniel opened up the door and walked down the hallway. He took a left, another left, and then a right. After a few more turns, he finally arrived at the door that had a star on it. He reached for the knob, but remember what happened the first time he went through this. Without wanting the same incident, he slid the letter under her door, and knocked on it a few times. "It's another letter from "Lazzy", enjoy." Deniel got that over with, and now it was time for him to return to the client to get paid again. Deniel didn't know why he had to hire someone to do this; it was as easy as pie.

    Deniel exited the theatre so he could collect his reward. After he stepped over the guard, he had began to regain conscious, so Deniel hurried out of the threatre to make sure he wasn't caught. After that, he walked the streets of Magnolia to "Lazzy"s house. There he would tell him that the job was done, get a thanks, but more importantly, get paid. Deniel saw "Lazzy" waiting on his front porch with his payment ready. He looked happy to see Deniel, since at this point he knew he could count on him to deliver his letters whenever he wanted. "Hey thanks De--" Deniel snatched the money out of "Lazzy"s hand and started to turn away. He still had the words of Jacob Goodnight in his mind...and he didn't like it. Deniel looked ahead of himself with a scowl on his face as he exited Magnolia and started to head back to Eclipse Soul's headquarters. Mission complete...."


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