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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job; Decayuss)


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    Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job; Decayuss) Empty Wanted: Jacob Goodnight (Job; Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss 23rd November 2014, 3:51 pm

    Job Information:
    Job Title: Wanted: Jacob Goodnight
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: One mage, any rank, at least ten posts long, 100 words each.
    Job Requirements: Capture or kill the wanted killer, Jacob Goodnight.
    Job Location: Hargeon Town, lower docks
    Job Description: There has recently been a string of murders in the lower docks of Hargeon Town. The town guard launched a sting operation and lost one of their own, proving that the killer was one Jacob Goodnight, a local miner who was always a bit off. The guard has issued a bounty for Jacob, asking he be brought in, or down, before he can kill again.

    Boss: Jacob Goodnight.

    Standing at six and a half feet tall and over three hundred and fifty pounds, Jacob goodnight is a former miner from Hargeon. His father was a butcher, and Jacob has taken up the tools of his fathers trade for his killing, a large meat cleaver, a carving knife, and a nasty meat hook on a chain to be precise. He has no magic but is incredibly strong, frighteningly brutal, and worst of all, smarter than many give him credit for.

    Reward: 2000 jewels for alive, 1000 for dead, as well as the gratitude of the town guard.

    From the blazing hot sands of the Forgotten Desert, after finishing his job, Deniel made his way across Fiore to Hargeon Town. It is here that he had two options for one task; apprehend the criminal known as Jacob Goodnight, or kill him. The answer was obvious to Deniel: kill him. This man was in charge of an unforgivable crime...murder. Deniel had his fair share of kiling people, but he was no murderer. He killed out of self-defense, his own sense of mercy, and those he considered evil. This man simply killed for...he didn't know. Pleasure? Satisfactoin? Revenge? Whatever it was, his victims stood no fighting chance. It was a tragic waste of human life, Deniel thought. And now, it was about time for this waster to come to an end. Luckily for Deniel, he had the right tool to do it. His partner and sword, Nidhogg, was always ready to stab someone in the chest. As Deniel approached Hargeon Town, the sky grew darker and the sun had began to set a long time ago. And once Deniel reached the port city, the sun was out of site, and darkness had enveloped the land. The moon and stars came out, lighting up the night. But although there was some form of light, darkness still covered most of the land.

    Deniel used this darkness to his advantage. He kept on the black cloak he had when he was in the Forgotten Desert, since he could use the dark colors to blend in with the shadows and keep himself hidden. This was a killer he was searching for, and quite an intelligent one, too. Someone who had the skill to get away from authorities this long definitely had some form of intelligence. His identity had been figured out, but he hadn't been caught. Deniel walked the streets and alleys of Hargeon Town, sticking to the shadows and making sure everything was clear. Most of the people had heard the news by now that there was a killer on the loose, so aside from Deniel, the streets were virtually empty. This would cause some slight problems with Deniel's plan, because that might mean that Jacob won't come out tonight. He needed a victim to lure out Jacob, or else the killer might not go in for the kill, seeing as how there wasn't any. While Deniel stalked the night, he was thinking about how this man could look like. A normal person? An abomination? Somewhat normal? Hideous? He didn't know. And it would be very fun to find out. Deniel turned another corner and peaked out from it. He didn't see anything but darkened streets, slightly lit up by the moon, and the Sea out in the far distance of the port, reflecting the moon's shining light.

    He could smell the sea salt from here, and hear the sound of the waves against the ships. In addition to that sound...Deniel had begun to hear something else. It was the sounds of metal lightly clanging against each other, just like chains. Deniel's fake pulse began to race, and he quietly and closely followed the sound. He ran across the street in hopes of not being seen, turned several corners, and peaked out of one. And there, walking in the night, was a massive figure: Jacob Goodnight. He was walking close to the shadows like Deniel was, and when Deniel looked in the direction he was going, Deniel could see a woman walking. She looked very cautious, and on guard. She must have heard the news, but needed to get out anyway. Jacob Goodnight did his best to stay hidden, which was enough to fool the woman, but not Deniel. Jacob approached the woman carefully and every time she looked behind her, he froze in the shadows to make himself invisible. Deniel followed Jacob, and Jacob followed the woman. In a short amount of time, Jacob was close to her, and broke his stealth. With almost thundering footsteps, Jacob ran out from the shadows and raised what looked like to be a meat hook.

    The woman heard the sounds of the chains, and turned around immediately. She let out a scream upon seeing a giant man, over six feet tall coming at her with his meet hook raised. Deniel closed the gap between Jacob and the woman, and pulled his sword Nidhogg out of his cloak. He drew the sword from its scabbard, and held it up to defend the woman from the hook. The hook and its chain wrapped around Deniel's sword. "GO! GET OUT OF HERE!" Deniel yelled to the woman so he wouldn't have any interruptions. She wanted to keep her life, so she didn't hesitate to run away from Deniel and the giant. The giant scowled at Deniel, his prey had gotten away thanks to him. With a huge amount of brutaility, the giant smacked Deniel away from him. Deniels sword, luckily, came with him. He didn't land on the ground, but now there was some distance between Deniel and the giant. Both of them stood there in the night, staring each other down. A murderer...and a killer Nephalem. "You will pay for your crimes, you incarnation of evil!" Jacob wasn't too amused with Deniel, but he was somewhat intruiged. This man had a sword wit him, a weapon. That meant one thing. "And what does that make you? The embodiment of justice? Tell me, have you ever killed someone?"

    "Of course I have. So what? Evil people like you." Deniel didn't think about his answer at all, sicne he thought what he was doing was more right than what Jacob was doing. Deniel saw no crime in how he killed people. "Interesting. What gives you the right to kill, anyway?" "Because all I get rid of are evil people! Ones who end lives, lay waste to them!" Now Jacob had Deniel right where he wanted him. Jacob was quite a smart man, and it was obvious Deniel didn't know much. "A very dull answer. Who's to say those people were evil? And look at yourself; you're a killer. You lay waste and end lives. I wonder...how many? Maybe there should be someone to put you in your place. Because how can you be so sure that what you're doing is right?" Deniel never thought about it that way before. Maybe Jacob did have a point. What gave Deniel the right to kill things? The right to justify between evil and good? He killed a thief before. He considered that evil, but was that man really? They were simply trying to live their lives, and Deniel just ended them. This thinking caused Deniel to lower his blade. "You're that close-minded, are you? Hahahahah! Pathetic." Jacob looked over Deniel to see the guards of the town hurrying over to arrest him. "I'm not getting out of this one. I guess I'm caught. But you...what is your name?"

    Deniel stared up at the giant man. "My name is Deniel. Deniel Decayuss Thorman." Jacob looked back at the guards, as they were nearing. "Well, Deniel. Think about what I said. You might just look at the world a whole different way...and maybe that person who needs to bring justice on you will arrive one day, just as it has done on me right now. Hahahahah...." Jacob stopped talking as the guards came by, cuffed him, and took him away. One of them stood behind to talk to Deniel. "Thank you for your help, sir. Your reward will arrive at your guild's headquarters shortly. You have done great justice today. Thank you." The guard saluted him, and that simply left Deniel alone in the night. Well....with Nidhogg, but the blade didn't say anything. "What....have I done?"


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