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    Bounties and Justice (Unique job, Kaido)


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    Bounties and Justice (Unique job, Kaido) Empty Bounties and Justice (Unique job, Kaido)

    Post by Ban 21st November 2014, 6:48 pm

    Kaido walked through the streets of Hargeon town, his head down and a red, fur lined hood up over his head, gutcrusher in hand. Kaido was on the warpath tonight, and if his size, which usually cleared a path through the streets for him, didn't work, the glowing eyes visible underneath the hood certainly would. Kaido had come tonight for one reason, to hunt down the brutal serial killer known as Jacob Goodnight, a town miner turned sociopath that had terrorized the town of hargeon for three weeks now, and in that time claimed six victims. Two of them young women, ones who would be around the age of his own daughter. Kaido didn't know where she might be right now, but he would certainly sleep sounder knowing a psycho like Jacob Goodnight was done for.

    Goodnight wasn't even the mans real name. His real name was Jacob Henders, son of a well known butcher who had died recently. There was speculation that the death of old Mister Henders had pushed Jacob, who had always been a bit off, over the edge. No, Goodnight was a name given to him by the local tabloids, used to hype up the events and sell papers. The Goodnight killer. A man whose heart was as dark as any shadow. Kaido had come to smash this shadow.

    Kaido entered the region of the lower docks warily. This was Goodnights favorite hunting grounds apparently, and Kaido was damned if he would be caught off guard. Even has he thought this though, a scream echoed through the night. The scream of a young woman. Kaido looked up, getting his bearings for the area before taking off in the direction of the scream, hoping beyond hope that he would get there in time to save her. Please, he prayed, let me get there in time......

    Kaido unfortunately was not there in time however. He drew up to the scene of the crime, slowing as he neared and frowning in dismay. Another young woman, another one near his own daughters age. Barely twelve, if that. Probably belonging to one of the poorer families that lived around here. The young ladies usually came out around this time, looking to pickpocket the drunks to help their families. On the most favorable of terms......

    Kaido rose from examining the scene, frowning deeply at the sadness of it all. Still, Kaido thought, as he turned to go, that meant that Goodnight was close. Extremely so. Closer than Kaido could have thought, as a metal hook flew threw the air, nabbing Kaido in the arm as he turned, and suddenly tearing through the skin and underlying muscles as the hook was yanked back, creating a nasty tear in Kaidos arm.

    Kaido turned back towards the attack, pulling his injured arm away, and presenting gutcrusher before him in a defensive manner, just in time to as the hook came flying through the air again, this time aimed at Kaidos head. But Kaido was a skilled, experienced fighter, and as the hook came in, he casually lifted gutcrusher to block the hook, allowing it to snag the axe side of his weapon firmly. Not that it would do Goodnight any good, as the villain pulled on the chain, only for Kaido to hang onto it, the iron cords in his arm bulging as he held against the other mans strength, though he had to admit, it was considerable. "Seems those years as a miner did you some good. But not nearly enough." Kaido snarled as he began to move his weapons head around in a wide circle, using it to snag up the chain and slowly wrap it around the head, slowly pulling Goodnight out of the shadows, and closer to him.

    As Kaido pulled the chain, he took a mental note of his arm. The initial snag had been an expert one, and using his left arm would be difficult and painful. Apparently this Goodnight fellow had some skill with his tools. Still, Kaido doubted Goodnight was prepared for someone of Kaidos size and strength.

    Kaido was wrong. As he pulled on the chain, bracing his legs to win this tug of war, the tug of war would suddenly ended, catching the braced Kaido by surprise, and unbalanced for Goodnight suddenly charging from the shadows, carving knife in hand, cleaver raised. Kaidos eyes widened in surprise, and to his credit, he managed to lift gutcrusher up to block the cleaver, but with his injured arm he wasn't fast enough to block the carving knife as if plunged into his side, between the front and back plates of his arm, and deep into his side.

    Kaido was now face to face with the notorious killer, Jacob Goodnight, a grimace of pain on Kaidos face, a grin of wickedness on Goodnights face. Kaido looked the man in the eye and felt instant hatred for the man before him. Insanity was visible in the eyes, to those who knew it, and Goodnight held no insanity in his eyes. Wicked glee, yes. Vicious hatred for the world, sure. But Kaido could see it. This was a man who knew exactly what he was doing, and enjoyed it. Kaido snarled at the man as his eyes began to glow, as did his right hand. He would end this beast, here and now!

    Kaidos knee shot up into the mans gut, driving the wind from the beast but not really moving him. Until Kaido brought the knee down, or more accurately, his foot down, onto the other mans knee, creating a nasty crunching sound. Goodnights eyes widened in pain and shock as he fell backwards, his carving knife tearing painfully from Kaidos side, his leg no longer able to support him. He never reached the ground however as, once the cleavers power eased off, Kaido dropped his weapon, Gutcrusher, to the ground, and with his right hand, grabbed Goodnight by the throat.

    "No court is good enough to satisfy your punishment. Only hell will satisfy the pain you deserve." Kaido Snarled, his right hand burning a white hot now. "This hand of mine burns with an awesome power. Its mighty roar demands retribution upon you!" Kaido snarled as he lifted the man into the air, his right hand verily glowing brightly in the night now, lighting up the small alley they were in, smoke and steam rising from Goodnights throat as he flailed wildly. "I pass judgement upon you Goodnight, and by my Burning hand, I condemn you to hell. May your victims deal out the justice you deserve." Kaido said before dropping the man to the ground in a broken, cooked, dead heap. "Amen."



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