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    Edolas Ending

    Aria Beleren

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    Star Edolas Ending

    Post by Aria Beleren on Wed 19 Nov - 23:41

    A little History:

    Edolas was under the rule of a tyrannical leader. Everyone believed him to be the only Exceed left in the realm. So King Sith Cait ruled with an iron fist. The mages who were sent to Edolas via the Anima were separated all throughout the land.

    Kyll Latuerie of Diamond Dust Labs began her research as a saleswoman on the streets. Advertising her steampowered equipment. However the King of Edolas ended her research and tried to imprison her for encouraging many of the population to go against the resource of magic. Kyll ran away and disappeared into the void of the desert, only to find Zeon who had escaped from the prisons. The two began their partnership and with the help of the “leadership” Rachel Histugaya brought to the table. They built a lab from the ground up in the deserts of Edolas and with the use of an oasis water source, the lab was powered up. Even though the group was only just three people in this resistance. They began to spread propaganda throughout the Royal Cities and acquired their own resistance. Kyll’s research moved on to bigger objects and chemistry of creating the “superballs” with the help of Zeon’s knowledge.

    The Now:

    The anima then cracked throughout the land. Rachel sent off many of her rebels to pick up the mages who fell to separate areas. However Kyll was left with Frederick, Shuhei, and Zeno in her labs. Frederick who had helped in destroying Blue Pegasus fought with Shuhei. Shuhei who was still upset and would never forgive Frederick until he died. The upper complex of her lab was utterly destroyed. However with the help of reasoning with Zeno, Shuhei and Frederick put their differences aside, only to delay the inevitable fight to another time. Frederick helped the resistance out as his own path to redemption. Shuhei only promised to delay their battle until after they get back to Earthland.

    Meanwhile, Earthland Chikane and a few others were locked up in the Royal Castle by the King. Rachel herself gathered everyone together and gave them their magic back. They began their infiltration to find the King. King Sith Cait however proved that he was more of a challenge than most. So as a result everyone escaped from the castle and made their way back to Diamond Dust labs to meet up with Kyll La’tuerie. Kyll then made her preparations to load a steam powered aircraft she named Heaven’s Cry. Everyone from the two groups gathered together and flew over every battlefield to pick up the separated mages. It was time for one final battle. As the ship flew over the Capital City, Kyll La’tuerie dropped off paperlets of what her inventions do. Bringing hope to the people of Edolas. Showing that they didn’t need magic to keep the country running. Just water.

    The Heaven’s Cry made its way to the castle and began to fire off her cannons. Several of those attempts to tear down the walls to the castle were actually cables that the mages with out flying capabilities could use. Edo Kyll said her farewells to Rachel. Expressing that everything is labeled in a more simplified context in her journals. Edo Kyll was to meet up with Zeon to take down the King or so she thought. Kyll La’tuerie jumped out of the back of the ship with a steam powered wind sail/ hovering device to meet up with her actual boss.

    Meanwhile back on Earthland, Fancy Mel gathered her knights together to search for a special lacrima that can fix her infinity ball and open a portal to Edolas and rescue the mages. Eventually the Rune Knights made it back. There was one issue with the infinity ball. It wouldn’t be able to open a portal so large and complex unless it was powered up by an immense amount of magic on the other side. So she sent her knights off again to find another special lacrima to increase the power to the ball. That way she can send the message to the other mages. Hoping that the would be gathered in the same place.

    In Edolas, the mages all made their way into the courtyard. There they fought the elite knights of the King. Kyll La’tuerie and Zeon made their way to the underground parts of the castle. They were followed by Frederick, Chikane, and Shuhei, where they found the King and Zeon fighting. The battle was so immense that it knocked them back out of the room. However they got a glance of Zeon. Kyll La’tuerie shot one of her pistols and caved in the entrance to the battle with the King. There Zeon took down the King with one last blow. Zeon revealed that he had been gifted by a “god.” Not to be a slayer, but to be his champion. That he was chosen to rule over a group of people. The King had ruined it by betraying Zeon and then detaining him in the castle prison. Zeon then turned to Kyll La’tuerie handing her two final bullets.

    ”You now have a choice Miss La’tuerie. Come with me using these bullets. My road starts with a sacrifice, but you will gain what you lost back. You must have faith in me. Follow me through every storm and quake. Do you understand?”

    ”And if I refuse?”

    ”You will be forever remembered here in Edolas. War will start to ravage the land because of your inventions. They will use your name as a curse upon yourself. You will be beaten, taken in by all sides, tortured for more inventions. When your usefulness runs out, you will be killed. If the wars end for good, you will be put to death by your own peers for war crimes.”

    As the result of this conversation, Kyll took the bullets and loaded them in. Zeon instructed her to place her pistols on “Overdrive.” She slowly raised her hands into the air and shot both of the guns at the same time. The result was a blue and cyan sphere forcing its way out of her guns into the air. With in the process, her weapons exploded in her hands and her hands were disintegrated by the blast. However a huge portal was opened and the two disappeared.

    On the other side, Zeno finally made his way down to the final battle. He and the other mages helped clear the rubble only to find a dead king and two bullet shells with a sun and moon engraved on them. Suddenly a small portal appeared in front of the group with Fancy Mel staring out. She quickly told them she needed an immense amount of magic on their side to make a big enough rift that would last long enough to bring all of the mages back to Earthland. As a result, the group all used their magical energies to make a ball of energy to tear through the rift and hit the infinity ball. They all stepped through the portal saying farewell to their Edolas selves. However, Rachel made it known to the group. Zeon and Kyll La’tuerie were missing. She couldn’t find them in the fray.


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