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    Scythe I: Beginners Blood

    Selia Blake

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    Scythe I: Beginners Blood

    Post by Selia Blake on 17th November 2014, 9:45 am

    Name: Scythe I: Beginners Blood
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Scythe
    Description: Beginners blood is a fairly small scythe. It has a length of 4.5 feet, and a curved blade of 3 feet. The blade is silver, but stained with blood from previous users and from the use of it's current user, Selia's, blood.

    • The weapon is usually used by Selia to activate her spells, sense some of her spells require her to harm herself.
    • The weapon is very agile, and can be used swiftly.


    • The user must use this blade to harm herself, and each time it deals a minimum of 1% damage to her health.
    • The blade is fairly dull, meaning that it cannot cut through things easily. It is mainly used to cause scratched on the opponent, and bash into the opponent in order to cause some blunt damage.
    • Can't really help with defense.  

    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Re: Scythe I: Beginners Blood

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:09 pm


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