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    Stealing A recipe (Solo, Private)


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     Stealing A recipe (Solo, Private) Empty Stealing A recipe (Solo, Private)

    Post by WinterDornez on 15th November 2014, 6:21 pm


    Winter sighed as she walked into the bakery that was the establishment that belonged to her newest client. She really wasn't interested in much, but she was going to do this job as she was being paid to do it and that was all that mattered. She walked into the establishment and straight up to her client who was the only one inside of the place. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow and Winter spoke "You hired me. Is there somewhere we can talk in private?" The baker walked over to the door of his bakery and locked it turning to her "We are in private right now. I take it you are the one who wants to help me out." Winter rolled her eyes "You have something you want and I am going to get it for you. Just give me the location and the what. I want this done as soon as possible." He handed WInter a piece of folded up paper "This is what I want from my competitor. You get this back to me before he comes back and there will be a bonus in it for you." Winter took it looked at it and then handed it back to him "Better leave no evidence." she turned and left nodding her head to herself.

    She walked through the side streets keeping herself from being seen as much as possible. She knew the location due to the fact that the man had left her the location on the little piece of paper she had given back to him. As she walked up to the other sweets shop she looked around to see if anyone was around. She didn't want to leave any witnesses and she strolled back to the backdoor of the establishment. It was a simple metal door but the door was a key lock. She smirked and put her finger against the lock slowly feeding her wire magic into it slowly fitting the wire to the tumblers in the lock. Once she had finished she turned her finger and the lock turned unlocking the door. This caused her to smirk and she opened the door slowly walking into the building. She entered the building and found that she was in the back of the business. She looked around and saw all of the supplies and equipment. This was exactly where she needed to be.

    She slowly walked around looking and keeping her eyes open for anything that would look like an office door. She didn't have to search very hard for something like that. The back of the house was small and seeing as how the owner was out of town for whatever reason the business was closed. She found the door that was labeled "Office" as she stood in front of it she couldn't help but scoff slightly to herself. Of course someone would be stupid enough to label a door of this level of importance. She tried the lock only to find that it was locked. She could at least give them some credit for at least being smart enough to lock the door of something important. With a flick of her wrist and several of her razor sharp wires she sliced through the door letting the pieces fall to the floor in a clatter.

    When the door came down Winter smiled and stepped into the office she was more than happy with the way things turned out and she more of sauntered into the office rather than just walked. As she did she looked around to try and find something that would be useful or something that would be secure enough for someone to say that they can keep something safe inside of it. She clicked on the light switch and looked around the office. There was a picture on the wall, and some shelves and other things. She would have to do some ransacking, but it would be worth it. She slowly sauntered around the room moving things that needed to be moved. She was checking for wall safes or any safe that could be hidden from plain slight by some stupid trick. She turned and looked at the desk that was in the room and frowned as the owner had his desk situated over a piece of the floor that looked like it had cracks in it. She figured the floor must be fake or at least altered in some way so she pushed the desk out of her way. The floor was indeed altered and a box was cut up from it.

    She easily slipped her wires into the floor and wrenched it up. Inside of it was a safe, and she sighed shaking her head lightly. Kneeling down she slipped her wires into the safe using them to snake and slither through the tumblers breaking through all of them by changing her wires making them hard, and quite dense. She was easily able to disable it and wrench the front of the safe open. She easily found the recipe that was in it and took it for her own. She made her way back to her client with all speed and stealth making sure that she couldn't be traced to the crime. Finally, she arrived placing the recipe onto the counter in front of her. The man handed her the money she was owed and she silently left the shop, and then the town heading off to find more work, and hopefully a worthy master.

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