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    Deliver my letter

    Kakuma Blackflower
    Kakuma Blackflower

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    Wolf Spirit

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    Deliver my letter Empty Deliver my letter

    Post by Kakuma Blackflower 11th November 2014, 7:59 pm

    Kakuma had received a request to deliver a letter, a love letter which she found quite endearing so she decided to agree to do it. The only issue was that the recipient was someone famous, but that mattered little she would see it done. Kakuma headed to Magnolia, the place was crawling with security. They didn't really pay attention to strays so she would play herself off as one. Kakuma found and nice patch of mud and water, which she rolled in while in her wolf form and took of into the city. One of the guard threw something at her as she ran past yelling something about her being a stupid dog. She made a mental note to kill him on her way out. She padded around looking for her target, which was a pain as the security was tight, but she would succeed no matter what. After about a hour she found her target, the girl was yelling at one of the guard about not leaving her in peace, which he answered with "Orders". This cause Kakuma to chuckle a little bit, poor girl. She rushed forward as the guard left her. she was bitching at him as he walked away. As Kakuma approached she changed her form to the humanoid one. "Ma'am, i have a letter for you." the girl spins around quickly.

    "Who are you?" she ask nervously. "And whos the letter from."

    Kakuma shurgs. "someone whom asked me to deliver it." she offers the letter.

    The girl takes it and looks at the front, her eyes snap open and she rips the letter open and start reading. she smiles as she does. "OH thank you for this!" she hugs Kakuma. "I really needed something to cheer me up." she release Kakuma and walk away. Kakuma smiles and changes form, it was time to leave. Kakuma considered hunting that guard down but decides against it. She might cause that girl undue harm by doing so. It takes a little more doing to get out, the guard seem to chase her a little this time. on time she even has to bite one of them to get him to let her go. She stops at the edge of town and waits around for a little she wondered if she might get some food. She turns around and heads to a hot dogs stand where she raid it, much to the owners dismay. She gets chased off after getting 4 hot dogs. She finds a ally to lay down and eat them. as she finishing the last one something kicks her. Kakuma scrambles up and spins, its the guard that hits her earlier. Kakuma lunges at him sinking her teeth into his throat, his cry of panic turning into a gurgle. Kakuma decides that he would best be eaten so she starts, this time maintaining her wolf form. She is not bothered at all while she eat. After shes full she leaves the city, and reaches the outskirts as someone starts yelling. She had managed to get out before anyone found anything, which was good as her muzzle was covered in blood.

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