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    ~Unique Job~ The Possession

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    ~Unique Job~ The Possession Empty ~Unique Job~ The Possession

    Post by Godlike Frederik on Thu 6 Nov 2014 - 0:05

    Job: The Possession
    Rank: S

    Player Requirements:
    - Thread must be 45 posts long, 450 words per post.
    - S - rank or higher, lower ranked mages are not allowed

    Job Requirements:
    - must save at least 20 people possessed by evil spirits by rolling the Strong monster dice ), after that you can try to roll for the Boss dice. Rolling the Boss before saving the 20 people will just cause the Demon Lich to appear before you; to taunt you and laugh at you briefly before disappearing to the center of town. In which case you have to roll for him again.

    Optional Requirements (Good):
    - Don't physical harm any of the possessed people to much
    - Save at least 30 possessed villagers instead of 20, before trying for the boss

    Optional Requirements (Evil):
    - Instead of saving the possessed ones, kill them. Or harm them significantly. Either way works.
    - Kill at least 30 possessed villagers instead of 20, before trying for the boss

    Job Location: Oak Town

    Job Description:
    The once sleepy town of Oak is now in chaos. People have fled the city and monsters and vicious apparitions reign supreme. In the center of the city, a powerful Demon has made his keep and is constantly summoning more spirits and demons from the other side in hopes of launching an attack on the other cities. In addition some powerful wayward spirits have managed to posses some civilians, giving them dark demonic powers. The only way to save these citizens is to render them unconscious.

    Your mission is to free as many people as you can. The demon Boss will eventually come to you after you free enough civilians from his spell.

    Weak: Hellfire Demons (B-Ranked)
    They can use fire and darkness magic. They are quite strong and fast so don't take them lightly. - Take a single A rank to bring down

    Normal Ice Wraiths (A-ranked)
    Vengeful spirits adept in using darkness and ice magic. They have ways in instilling fear on their adversaries and corrupting their minds. - They take 3 A ranks to bring down

    Strong Possessed Civilians (S-ranked)
    They have super human strength and speed. Can use darkness and ice-make magic. You cannot inflict serious damage to them and you certainly can't kill them. They can only take 5 A ranks before dying.

    Boss Demon Lich (SS-ranked)
    Possess extremely powerful dark magic which can not be consumed by slayers. Can use both range and melee attacks imbued with darkness magic. Legend has it that his entire existence is actually a shadow and that the shadows it casts upon the world are part of him...
    Can withstand 20 A-ranked damages before being defeated.
    Unholy Ghost (A-rank): The ability to become intangible at will for 2 posts every 4 posts.

    The Call of Darkness (B-ranked): The ability summon possessed 2 civilians to fight for him and act as a shield every 3 posts.

    Reap Darkness (S-ranked): The Lich draws all nearby darkness and shadows and consumes them, healing himself 2 S-ranked spell's amount. He can also devour shadow and darkness magic. 5 posts cool-down.

    Curse of Darkness (S-ranked): Passively causes all players to consume twice the amount of magic power they need for spells. Also freezes passive mana regeneration.

    Burning Darkness (A-ranked): The Lich fires a large sphere of dark energy at his target which explodes on impact and deals A-ranked damage. This spell has no cool down and is his primary attack. It also creates a pool of shadows on any non-player surface it hits, causing players on it to suffer A-ranked damage per post. On a side note, if you look at the pool, you can almost make out the Lich's figure in it, for some reason...

    50,000 Jewels ,

    Optional Reward:
    - Ring of the Lich (a ring that allows the user to call upon the strength of the Demon Lich for 5 posts; although you won't have any civilians or other spirits to summon; you will gain an extra boost in damage output in the form of his SS Ranked Melee and Darkness Magic.)


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