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    Enlightened Soul [WIP]



    Enlightened Soul [WIP]

    Post by Guest on 3rd November 2014, 6:08 pm

    Name: Enlightened Soul
    Rank: Strong (+)
    Type: Armor

    In this image, you can see what Akame looks like when the head piece is worn, though she also wears silver, light-weighted metal armor alongside this helmet. The armor covers all of her body except her neck, hands, face and feet.

    • Resilient- Takes 3 D-Ranked spells to destroy
    • Transformation- Changes the appearance of Akame to a more superior type of Mage: Asuna Christo, who can carry the armor with ease.
    • Charge- Has an extraordinary effect based on posts that have passed while the armor is worn (explained in Abilities)


    • Wind- Wind has an advantage towards the resistance of this armor. 2 Wind-related magic spells will destroy this armor.
    • Physical Attacks- Any physical assault that does not involve the use of magic will nullify the abilities of this armor and bring it to a cool-down if the user is struck, successfully.
    • Holder Magic- Does not work on Holder Magic
    • Duration/Cool-down- This armor's abilities can only be used for six posts before a ten post cool-down is required. This armor's abilities can only be used once per post.

    Abilities: During each of the user's turns to post, this armor will gain one "Enlightened Counter." Per counter, this armor can do as follows:

    1 Counter: Deflect a D-Ranked spell with perfect accuracy and double its original speed.
    2 Counters: Deflect a C-Ranked spell with perfect accuracy and double its original speed
    3 Counters: Deflect a B-Ranked spell with perfect accuracy and double its original speed
    4 Counters: Deflect an A-Ranked spell with perfect accuracy and double its original speed
    5 Counters: Deflect an S-Ranked spell with perfect accuracy and double its original speed

    Using counters costs 5 magic power, each. Additionally, this armor can only deflect two spells of distinct rankings, and only once per post. "Enlightened Counters" may only be used during another's turn to post; not the user's. This armor also has a "link ability". This link ability allows the user to apply the same effects to one other Mage in a thread- regarding the "Enlightened Counters" and their reflective abilities. Should this be the case, counters will then cost the user 10 magic power, each. Akame's hidden self, Asuna Christo, is present while this armor is worn.

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    Re: Enlightened Soul [WIP]

    Post by Cirven on 3rd November 2014, 7:49 pm

    *Drops in front of you from out of no where*

    Yo Akame! I will be reviewing this.

    With changing the spells that hit you into lightning does that work with the half damage upon hit? Like if they hit her with the spell would she take half damage then because of the armor's ability?

    Also change the rank of the spells it affects to equal or lower adding that it scales with you until B-rank. I also think this ability should be a limited use one. Thinking you can use it 2-3 times per thread with a cooldown in between uses. Also add how much damage the armor can take before it is destroyed. I'm thinking for now that it can take 3-4 D rank damage before being destroyed and will take 3-4 C-rank damage when you reach next rank.

    Bump after you edit this and you can talk to me on skype if you want to discuss this.


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