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    Maiden Snatcher ~ Job (Ace & Karina)


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    Maiden Snatcher ~ Job (Ace & Karina)

    Post by ~Kana~ on 3rd November 2014, 2:14 pm

    Job Information:
    Job: Maiden Snatcher
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: Thread Must Be at Least 20 Posts Long. C Ranked Wizards or Above. Or a combination of two D Ranked Wizards or more. 250 Words Minimum Each Post.

    Job Requirements: Rescue the Girl (Or Girls), that have been snatched by a nearby Vulcan in the Magnolia East Wood, return her home safely. Must defeat at least ONE Vulcan. The Trouble Maker demons can be scared off by an impressive display of power. 3 wizards max allowed on this Mission / Job.

    Job Location: Magnolia (East Forest)

    Job Description: Your Client's Girlfriend/Mother/Sister/Aunt/Niece is missing! There were rumors about a Vulcan that enjoys snatching lovely ladies, and it's just been confirmed by an eye witness this very day! Trouble making demons that aren't native too Magnolia's East Forest have recently been spotted, so be careful!

    (Note: Client Name & Damsels Name, and Relationship Too Client Are Up Too The Wizard(s))


    Weak: Trouble Making Demons x10 (They use a large array of weapons. Be creative. Some of them fight hand too hand. They don't wear armor, merely clothes, tribal style. They wander the East Woods looking for folks too rob.)

    Normal: Wood Vulcan (A large ape like monster that wanders the East Forest. It enjoys scooping up women on nature walks around Magnolia. It hits with C-Ranked Strength, and takes at least 10 hits too subdue.)

    Strong: Forest Vulcan (An incredibly large ape like beast, larger than most Vulcan's. It wanders Magnolia's East Forest looking for beautiful maidens too scoop up. This Vulcan can easily smash through trees if it wanted too. Requires at least 12 Hits too defeat. Be careful.)

    Boss: Mountain Vulcan (This Vulcan is pretty much insane. It came down from the mountains in the North too snatch himself up a lovely lady. He only knows three words for some reason. "Pretty, Woman, and Smash." you will likely hear "Smash". He has white fur, and is much stronger than most Vulcans due too living usually in a harsh environment. He's traveled far from home too get his damsel and isn't about too lose her too some little wizard(s). Be very, very careful if he's the culprit. Must hit him a minimum of 20 for him too be defeated. Good Luck.)

    Reward: 5000 Jewels

    A slight breeze ruffled the amber leaves that clung onto the branches of trees above, Karina sighed and sat down on a nearby bench whilst pushing her hair out of her face. She had agreed to meet another mage just outside of Magnolia East Forest to do a job together. They were going to be trying to find the mother of their client in the forest, she had supposedly been captured by some Vulcans who had made their home in the forest. There had been a few witnesses who claimed to have seen the clients mother being dragged into the forest. Disappearances like this were not uncommon and mages from guilds were often asked to help out in situations like this one.

    "I hope he arrives soon," Karina lent back on the bench and looked up at the clear sky, "The quicker we finish this job, the quicker that poor girl gets to see her mum." Images of the crying teenage girl who was their client filled her mind, the girl was pleading Karina to help find her mother. Karina had been shocked by the girls extreme emotions however happily agreed to help. If Karina's parents had ever gone missing when they were alive she too would have reacted in the same way her client had.

    Whilst Karina waited she reached inside of her bag and pulled out a small tin which she had received from one of her fellow guild mates before leaving the guild this morning. She knew even before opening the tin that it contained some cookies, everyone at Eclipse Soul adored cookies, especially home made ones. Karina smiled and began to chomp on one of the cookies, deciding to save the other one for the mage she was to be working with.


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    Re: Maiden Snatcher ~ Job (Ace & Karina)

    Post by Shining Ace on 23rd November 2014, 4:18 pm

    A slight breeze ruffled the amber leaves that clung onto the branches of trees above as Ace and Stella walked along the dusty dirt path that was now scattered with leaves as wind was slowly covering the ground with a blanket of them as the duo slowly made their way to the outside of Magnolia East Forest to do a job with a person from another guild that their client had also hired. They were hired by Mr. Pumba and his daughter Celia were hired to going to be trying to find the mother of their client in the forest who had supposedly been captured by some Vulcans who lived in the forest, Ace met them a few times on various missions each time they would try and kidnap Stella who in turn would kick their asses. On the way here they stopped and talked to a few witnesses who claimed to have seen the clients mothers, sisters, friends, cousins and girlfriends being dragged into the forest and it wasn't like disappearances like this were not uncommon and mages from guilds were often asked to help out in situations like this one.
    "Hey Ace," Stella began to speak as they walk making conversation between them "Yea Stella what's up?"
    "These perverted monkeys, why the ruddy hell do they keep kidnapping people time after time. Those simpletons, their actions just make no sense to me."
    "You're rather pissed about this, ain't you?"
    "Well would you be to if you were ambushed every time you walk through a place and those things just trying and take you away and do who knows what to you."
    "Actually that happens to me quite often."
    "No it doesn't."
    "Yea it does, whenever I go out anywhere girls swarm to me." Ace said smirking art Stella winking before she began to hit him which made Ace laugh "But regardless I am not too sure why, I just think of them as primeval hormonal teenagers." Upon hearing this Stella began to laugh and stopped hitting Ace "Oh my lords, Ace that's awful you simpleton."
    "Yea, yea I know."
    It was then Ace saw someone sitting under a tree a few feet ahead of them and began to call out waving his arms "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!"


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