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    Patrol Duty... Bo-oring... (Job: Patrol the Town| Kodai)

    Kodai Venator
    Kodai Venator

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    Patrol Duty... Bo-oring... (Job: Patrol the Town| Kodai) Empty Patrol Duty... Bo-oring... (Job: Patrol the Town| Kodai)

    Post by Kodai Venator 2nd November 2014, 3:37 pm

    Kodai Venator rode into the town on Skia, his faithful, steadfast wolf companion. It was a testament to their bond that she allowed him to ride her like a horse. This inevitably drew stares from the people in the town, but they didn't care. They were simply enjoying each other's presence. But, that could not last very long, as Kodai was in Hargeon for a job, his first as a Rune Knight. He was to patrol the town and catch a thief who has been robbing the stalls of merchants. A boring job, but there was not very many other options. And Skia simply could not fit in the narrow alleyways, not to mention in the crush of the markets. So, at the edge of the town, Kodai dismounted, patted Skia's head, fed her a strip of raw meat, then watched as she loped off into the horizon. He sighed, then turned back to the town. As he did so, he reached behind him and unsheathed his large spear, Ketsueki. Using the spear like a staff, Kodai, the Ancient Huntsman of the Rune Knights, strode through the crowds. The weapon, not to mention the symbol of the Rune Knights on his tunic, caused pickpockets to scatter like leaves in the wind. No one wanted to mess with a Rune Knight, especially an armed one.


    Patrol Duty... Bo-oring... (Job: Patrol the Town| Kodai) Uisdvb10

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