Be a Model(solo)

    Kakuma Blackflower

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    Be a Model(solo)

    Post by Kakuma Blackflower on Sat 1 Nov - 20:22

    Kakuma had taken a job to be a model, but she had a long way to walk to get there and was taking her time getting there. She loved being outside, nature had a splendor that no mortal could ever capture, which made her happy. she wandered around a bit not really caring where she ended up. this lead her to a wide field of wheat as far as the eye could see, the wind making waves so that it looked like a ocean. She took a deep breath of the fresh air, this is what she lived for but humans only let this thing survive because they felt they had to power. Kakuma spins, her dress fanning out as she does, looking to the clear blue sky. Kakuma laughs as she does, she felt free and alive. after a while she gets dizzy and lets herself fall into the thick wheat, the world spinning as she does. She smiles as she lays there staring at the passing clouds, the only thing bugging her is a growing hunger. She lets herself drift off to sleep, taking a small nap. Unfortunately this causes her to revert to her natural wolf form. After about 20 minutes the farmer who runs the field catches sight of her.

    "Get ye Dog!" he screams out throwing stones at Kakuma. She fails to wake until one hits her on the head, causing her to recoil from the hit. She stands quickly and turns the face the man.

    "Why are you throwing stones at me?" she asks in a very grumpy voice. The man eyes go wide as she speaks, he goes for a knife on his hip, but Kakuma is much faster jumping on the man. She tears at his neck cutting any call for help into a dull gurgle, Unfortunately for the man he is alive when she starts eating him. After a few bites Kakuma changes her form, It was easier to eat with hands. The man dies from blood loss, as Kakuma bites into his heart covering her in the mans blood. She enjoys her meal for the most part uninterpreted until a child comes by. he seems lost so Kakuma calls him over, he is very young. She similes as she offers him something to eat, which he takes tentatively. He stares at Kakuma as she takes another bite of the farmer. He looks at the bloody meat he holding then takes a small bite. he spits it out quickly earning him a dark look form Kakuma. "Do not waste food young one." The boy shrinks back but does not run, Kakuma shrugs and waves him off. The boy runs off as Kakuma stands up, she shrugs and wanders off to find a stream to bathe in. it takes her about a hour find one, where she undresses and cleans herself. She takes her time about it, choosing to soak a little while. She watches the water life, Frogs and a fish, do their thing. She finishes up and dresses.She sighs as she looks at the sky she had to get to that job, she starts running in the direction of were she is suppose to go, Changing her form as she does, running at full speed. She arrives in no time, changing before she arrives as most humans find her change odd. She gets bossed around by the photographer for a little while. Taking pics in the positions he wanted, mostly just her looking elegant in the forest. after he is done he says she can go, so she wanders off again. Not really caring what they use them for, she could care less about what humans did for the most part. Sighing Kakuma takes off to again find something to do. She finds the kid again, this time covered in blood, which cause her to blink at him. She smiles and picks him up. "hello little one." She wipes some of the blood from his face, and brushes his hair out of his face. "You wish to come with me?" the boy nods. She smiles, "whats your name little one." the boy says nothing, which causes her to smile again. "Ok pup. Lets go home." she smiled again at him causing him to giggle a little *Taking the child of the man i killed. heh im the big bad wolf now* she laughs the herself, and starts walking home with the child in her arms. For today had been a good day.

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