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    Tesla Magic (fully done)


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    Tesla Magic (fully done) Empty Tesla Magic (fully done)

    Post by Elulu on 1st November 2014, 8:47 am


    Primary Magic: Tesla Club Bolt Magic
    Secondary Magic:
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Description: The magic is magic based around the Tesla Club, or Bolt Mallet. It is a hammer Elulu created with the ability to control lightning, along with generate electricity. Once it got way to heavy for her Elulu put an artificial gravity device in the hammer, so that she could weild it with ease yet still put immense amounts of force into blows.
    Elulu uses this just the way you would think. Swing the hammer, lightning strikes, things go boom. She desingned the hammer so that each strike would be a three-way attack, one attack would be the force of being hit with a giant hammer, the next would be either being shocked with electricity or struck by lightning, the last would be the giant explosion resulted because of it.
    -Infused with lightning, meaning strong v. ice&water
    -extreme force, meaning each strike is powerful
    -three-way attacks, as stated above
    -has the possibility of breaking/shattering bones
    -certain moves can stun people, like in pokemon
    -can move faster than a normal person that uses a large mallet like this one
    -once the hammer is released from Elulus hand the magic is pretty much useless
    -earth elements provife resistance against lightning attacks
    -doesnt cut/draw blood
    -large shaft can make for disarming easily
    -explosions can harm user as well
    -can be picked up by other people, and any ability granted by the user will be accessable to them
    -Lightning Dragon Slayers/Lightning-resistant people hold an advantage
    -Passive ability: The hammer's every attack is infused with lightning and will do (user's rank) electrical damage with the attack
    -Passive ability: Very light to its weilder, but can excert amazing forces on users enemy

    Name: Tesla Upgrade I
    Rank: D
    Type: Lightning, Offensive & Supportive
    Description: The mallet stays the shame shape, but three electrical balls of energy orbit the mallet. With each attack one of the three orbs attack along with the normal attack, providing extra damage.
    -Can be used with any of the other Tesla Upgrades (soon to come)
    -Each attack does +1 D-Rank damage during the duration of the spell
    -Has a 10% chance of a one-post long paralysis upon impact of the electrical orb
    -still applies original damage from the attack of the hammer
    -Stun has only a slight chance of success
    -Orbs can be dissipated or negated using a spell of sorts
    -Does not let the mallet do additional damage, meaning if someone were to make the orbs dissapear during the duration of the spell the +1 damage would no longer apply
    -Orbs immediately dissapear after attacking with each (but only one is used per attack)
    -there are only 3 orbs
    -Stun duration is only 1 post
    -Spell duration is at max 3 posts
    -Cooldown is 5 posts

    Name: Tesla Blast
    Rank: D
    Type: Lightning, Offensive
    Description: User slams the mallet on the ground, lightning strikes at that exact location and an 10 feet in diameter explosion is created. The blast shocks whatever is in its range, and may or may not paralyze them. It leaves a miniature crater in the ground and the club sparks for a few moments before dying down.
    -Explosive based effect
    -Can send opponents flying over 10 feet
    -Explosive damage, lightning damage, and hammer damage. (This doesn't mean it has 3 D-rank damage, it just means the damage is applied in three different ways so it is harder to fully counter the attack)
    -Explosion deals half of a D-Rank damage to Elulu
    -The mallets flat (the big part at the end of the hammer) must connect with something for the attack to proceed (if someone took a sword and stuck it against the shaft, nothing would happen. If that same sword touched the flat, it'd explode and fly into its users face)
    -If the mallet connects with flesh, the opponent will not be sent flying, but the explosion WILL be applied
    -Can't be used with Tesla Upgrade I
    -Only 5% chance of paralysis
    -Paralysis duration is 1 post
    -Duration: 1 post
    -Cookdown: 3 posts

    Name: Thunder Smash
    Rank: D
    Type: Thunder, Offensive/defensive
    Description: The user slams the hammer on the ground, and a lightningbolt strikes where it attacks. Right when the lightning strikes a loud boom can be heard, and a shockwave of sound flies at the opponent, sending them flying backwards 15 ft.
    -Can still attack the opponent with the weapon, which means if the attack itself hits it will do (users rank) damage
    -Clears up distance with the opponent in case he/she is too close
    -interrupts charging or something of that matter
    -Shockwave deals no damage, just used to interrupt or clear space
    -If the mallet hits the opponent, the shockwave wont be emmited
    -Shockwave has no electricity within it, only sound and force
    -If the hammer touches anything OTHER than the ground or some solif flat space, the shockwave wont be emmited
    -Duration is 1 post
    -Cooldown is 3 posts

    Name: Shocking Cloud
    Rank: D
    Type: Thunder, Offensive, Supportive
    Description: The user slams the hammer onto the ground, and a giant mist cloud of 5 foot height, and a 10 foot diameter (it is a circular cloud little over Elulus height) Elulu hides in the cloud while it emmits electricity to anyone aside from her that enters the cloud, either to charge up a move (soon to come) or just to prepare or another attack.
    -Emmits a third of D-Ranks damage during the duration someone is within the cloud
    -Obscures the opponents view of me
    -Allows me to charge up things such as lineage or soon-to-come spells
    -Obscures owns vision as well
    -Lightning-resistant people can pass through the cloud easily
    -Dragonslayers can take the element from the cloud, giving them energy and renderring the cloud useless
    -Has no ability to stun
    -Damage is applied over time, not all at once
    -After the full D-Rank damage is applied the cloud dissapears
    -Duration: 3 posts
    -cooldown 5 posts

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    Tesla Magic (fully done) Empty Re: Tesla Magic (fully done)

    Post by Cirven on 1st November 2014, 9:38 am

    Annnnd I wonder how this will look right about here..

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