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    A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas)


    A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas) Empty A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas)

    Post by Guest 31st October 2014, 6:55 pm

    Akame wandered the streets of Magnolia, exhausted. She wanted to explore this historical town, but it took quite the adventure to get here. Various modes of transportation were required, and several of them, at that. Traffic was harsh at this time, hence the exhaustion Akame was suffering. She was dragging a bag of luggage with wheels, hoping to stay somewhere overnight. It was early in the afternoon, and she really just wanted to take a nice, long nap. She held a large bottle of water in her free hand, which was the only item that kept her awake.

    Moments had passed, and Akame's legs were getting tired. She pulled herself over so she wouldn't interfere with the pedestrians behind her, and sat down a bench nearby some houses. From where she sat, Akame didn't even realize that Fairy Tail's guild was present. She didn't care, honestly. All she hoped for was some good nurturing, some shelter and refreshments.
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    A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas) Empty Re: A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas)

    Post by Chloe Harken 2nd November 2014, 6:36 pm

    Chloe had just recently returned to Magnolia alone. She was still a little shaken up over the loss of her good friend Gwen, but was feeling good that she met the love of her life. She hoped she could be as happy as Gwen one day, but she had a long way before then. She walked outside the guildhall that she had become so acustomed to as if it was a strange new world. She hadnt seen or talked to anyone in there for so long, she wondered what it was like for them but tried not to relish on the harder parts of the past.


    A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas) XgUWmH8

    A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas) Empty Re: A New Friendship Begins [Private] (Chloe Aquas)

    Post by Guest 2nd November 2014, 6:51 pm

    Akame sighed as she finished drinking the final bottle of water she held. Her throat was clean, at this point, though her stomach growled, and she started to feel a little hot. Akame examined her surroundings, and saw that the streets were getting emptier and emptier, though it was still mid-afternoon. Akame had been sitting upon this bench for an hour, and was ready to head to an hotel for some shelter. However, as she stood up- by this time with an abandoned street- she saw a blue-haired woman strolling the alley peacefully. "Hey!" She called with a cheerful, soft voice, "Sorry to bother you, but do you know anywhere good to stay here in Magnolia? I'm here to explore, though I forgot to book reservations." Akame blushed after this statement in embarrassment, dropping her butt to the bench, once more. She felt really ashamed, feeling as though she couldn't do much for herself. To her, this was like a defeat, which she hated to take in. "Food and water would also be pleasant." Akame added in a dull tone.

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