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    Goodbye The Ones I Love


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    Goodbye The Ones I Love Empty Goodbye The Ones I Love

    Post by Naziel on 28th October 2014, 4:20 pm

    Naziel held the letter in his hand, he could feel the tears welling in his eyes as he clung to hte letter he remembered every word that it held;

    "To everyone,

    I don't know where to start... We have had so many wonderful times together and I love every single one of you, not a day will go past that I will not think of you but I am not the same person I was. Since I acquired these Demon Slayer powers I am not who I was, I feel Evil... I am becoming Evil.

    There is not a single thing that i could ever hate more than being forced to take this action but I am going to have to leave you all, I won't accept goodbyes because that would mean that we will never see another again and I can't accept that. However, I cannot sit around with this power that could put all of you in danger, so therefore I am going to protect the family that I love! I ask that you not hate me for this and if you do I hold no begrudged feelings, after all, I would struggle to see anyone leave...

    I wish you all the very best, please, keep yourselves safe and protect one another, I will uphold the code that all Fairy Tail members must swear too.

    Farewell Everyone.


    He placed the letter on the center of the table in the main hall where all could read it. He stepped outside and took a deep breathe as tears rolled down his eyes, stinging and painful he began a cry of agony as if his soul was being ripped from him as he walked off into the night.


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