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    A Sudden Grave (Private)


    Emotional Tempest 1

    Emotional Tempest 1

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    A Sudden Grave (Private) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Sudden Grave (Private)

    Post by Zeno on Tue 9 Dec 2014 - 23:43

    A sigh of relief was expelled from Zeno shortly after he had closed Einrich's eyes. There was so much he still wanted to tell the man, so much they had promised each other to do together before they died. So many questions that had plagued him for years would now remain unanswered, and plague him for the rest of his mortal days. In that moment of understanding, Zeno found peace, forgiveness and several solemn promises to Einrich he would see through no matter the cost.

    From behind him, Kyll's faint magical aura arose. Zeno let go of Einrich, stood up and turned around to face her. He hadn't the faintest idea of what had gone down this day, but it was clear that Kyll now knew the biggest secrets Einrich and Zeno had kept from her all these years.
    There were no words that could fill up the void between Guildmaster and his most trusted apprentice. The sudden truth had cast a rift between them Zeno could only fill with silence for now. Until she calmed down, she would not be open to accepting his explanations.

    She swung at him, but a portal opened at his jawline that made Kyll miss her target. A second portal opened at his gut, landing the fist straight into his solar plexus. Zeno wasn't wearing his armor this time, and he had not braced his body for the blow.

    As the wind was knocked out of him, he bent forward with his hands resting on his knees. His head facing his feat to hide the painful grimace on his face. "Not the face," he uttered quietly as he struggled for air.

    As he straightened his back, Kyll had completed her rant. She was shaking, trembling and furiously staring him down with... enraged purple eyes?

    That was definitely not right. But before Zeno could protest, she ran off. Something had happened to her... He could sense a lingering magic inside her that wasn't hers, but it was faint. In any case, there was not much he could do for her right now. In this emotional state, he would not be able to get through to her. As he let Kyll run away, he turned back to Einrich.

    This was something he had to take care of first.


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