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    Darkness Gem

    King Zenshin

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    Darkness Gem

    Post by King Zenshin on 26th October 2014, 9:09 am

    Name: Darkness Gem
    Rank: Strong+
    Type: Item / Gem
    darkness gem:
    It is located embedded into the palm of the 'Left Arm of Ignorance'
    -Provides the arm with a powerful dark magic effect
    -Makes the arm very resistant to dark magic
    -It has a cool color
    -Can't really be used for offensive purposes
    -Strictly for utility
    -Takes from Zenshin's own magic power
    -Doesn't really defend him in any way
    - Torment: A unique ability that combines the shadow magic with his own recreation magic to produce a rather terrifying effect. It applies to spells as well as physical attacks but it does not stack, so once it's active, it can't be activated again until it wears off. If he hits an opponent of equal rank with this arm, they will be tormented for 4 posts. If lower rank, 6 posts. If Higher rank, 2 posts. While tormented, they will see their fear try and attack them if it is a physical one, or feel as though their fear is coming true. Their vision will be limited as if they were getting severe tunnel vision and everything around them will turn dark, only allowing them to see 10 meters forward. Mages that have very good SPECIFIC control of their mental systems arent effected by torment as long ; the duration halves(such as archive mages, not someone with a 'strong will')


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    Re: Darkness Gem

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:08 pm


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