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    Nai Fairis
    Nai Fairis

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    Maya Empty Maya

    Post by Nai Fairis on 25th October 2014, 9:58 pm

    Name: Maya
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Wolf
    Type: Combat Pet
    Maya Ayame
    Abilities: Maya can carry Nai on her back for short periods of time. She can also understand what other people are saying.

    Name: Swift Maneuver
    Rank: D
    Description: Nai instantly mounts Maya, increasing his speed and agility.
    -Speed and agility increased by 15%
    -Cooldown 2 turns.

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    Maya Empty Re: Maya

    Post by Aayla on 29th November 2014, 1:18 pm

    this is very late and I apologize. 

    the picture looks absolutely amazing but please provide a description none the less, possibly even add in Maya's behavior and what not.

    Your ability is fine however, a weak pet cannot provide any stat gain in any way. You could say in your description how fast Maya can move, and therefore when you ride her that is how fast you go, but that is it. 

    Lastly, you need more strengths and weaknesses.


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