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    Taking One's Anger out on the Maiden Snatcher (Le Doge)

    Le Doge
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    Taking One's Anger out on the Maiden Snatcher (Le Doge) Empty Taking One's Anger out on the Maiden Snatcher (Le Doge)

    Post by Le Doge on 21st October 2014, 7:08 pm

    There she stood, the young doge, upon the rainy entrance to the East Forest. Her heart fluttered with a mix of negative emotions that were ready to sprout forth from her being in the form of a violent rage, or an aggressive sorrow. She couldn't quite put into words what she was feeling, but the harsh thunderstorm explained what her voice could not. Rain poured like a huge waterfall from the clouds, and thunder and lightning tore the sky apart like a wolf its prey. She needed this. Rachael needed this relief, and she did not care who's life it cost. As long as she could finally be free of this malice and negativity, she could return to a state of blissful apathy. Taking her first step into the forest, the doge turned on her Scarlet Gaze and proceeded to tread into the forest. She wore no rain coat, nor did she hold an umbrella over her dog-eared head to keep the rain from soaking her form. No, Rachael was far beyond caring about that. Putrid feelings of spite clouded her mind, her judgment, her soul. Yet it hadn't killed her yet. Her Stand's power and attitude were based off of hers, and should her mind stray from being strong and stable, it would normally kill her. But this was different. Her anger was so powerful, so violent, that it forced such a powerful being into submission. This young girl, who was raised with abuse, violence, cruelty, and evil, was capable of keeping herself in check even in what was supposed to be a blind rage. This anger was being saved for one, careless creature that just so happened to get in her way.


    Taking One's Anger out on the Maiden Snatcher (Le Doge) WPcNzH2
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