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    Post by Linxwire 21st October 2014, 4:45 pm

    Dawn was breaking, and hardly was this a time to be awake, but in a town like Hargeon, people are always at work. Whether that work be legitimate or illegal it was active nonetheless. Xavier woke with a start, his fist was clenched, and ready to hit something, and then he found himself exactly where he remembered for once; the rooftop of a building he would come to crash on due to the the whole, homeless situation. The twelve year old kid sat up, from leaning against his makeshift pillow (A small, hollow wooden crate), and began he day with the same process it always started with; questioning his own existence. It was sad and pitiful but he didn't have much else, and he was hoping to cope with it after joining Lamia Scale. With the recent events, he wasn't even sure getting a night's sleep was a possibility, he always woke in such a froth of anger or worry. He thought joining a guild would make him see straighter, and bring him towards his goal much quicker, but his progress was sluggish to say the least. Regardless, he couldn't stay there forever, now that he was actually awake, regardless whether or not he wanted to be, he descended from the building, and headed toward the docks, so he could go and take his daily swim, to clear his head completely wake up.


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