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    Mouse's Equipment

    Nayru 'Mouse' Ikana

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    Mouse's Equipment

    Post by Nayru 'Mouse' Ikana on 21st October 2014, 1:01 pm

    Name: Dagger
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Dagger

    A basic thief weapon when things get sticky. This dagger is one that Mouse has kept with her for most of her life, and has gotten her out of more then one sticky situation.


    • Easy to hide: The dagger is relatively easy to hide on your person.
    • Sharp: Is able to cut through things with ease.
    • Throwable: The dagger is well balanced and can be thrown accurately at a distance of about 10 ft.


    • Small: The weapon is small and requires it's user to get in close to properly use.
    • Limited: Mouse only has one dagger, so if she throws or drops it, she has to retrieve it if she wants to keep using it.
    • Difficulty to Parry: Because of it's small size, it's difficult to block/parry incoming attacks with it.
    • Made of metal: The dagger is made of metal making it vulnerable to spells and abilities that manipulate metal.

    Name: Lockpicking Set
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Magic Item

    A set of everything one needs in order to expertly open a lock.


    • Opens locks: In the hands of someone trained and experienced in opening locks, they are able to be used to open any non-magical locks.
    • Can mess with clockwork: Surprisingly enough, these lockpicks are also able to mess with the gears of clockwork contraptions.
    • Improvised Weapon: If needed, lockpicks can be used as an improvised shank that does D rank damage if it hits.


    • Uneffective against a magical locks: These are unable to open locks made from magic.
    • Requires a lock or clockwork to have use: This set can't open anything if there is no physical lock or clockwork that it can access to unlock.
    • Requires experience: It is hard to open a lock without having any training or prior experience.
    • Time consuming: It can take up to 5 - 20 seconds to open a lock. Making it hard to do in the middle of battle or in other moments where time is of the essence.

    Name: Weak Healing Potion
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Magic Item

    As a thief, you never know when things may get sticky. So Mouse keeps a healing potion on her at all times just in case she, or someone she knows, is in dire need of the pick me up.


    • Heals C rank wound: When consumed, it will heal injuries up to a C rank of damage.
    • Anyone can drink it: This effect is able to heal anyone who drinks the potion.
    • Easy to carry: The potion is surprisingly easy to carry with you where ever one may go.


    • One time Use: This potion can only be used once per a thread, and can be only recharged if Mouse has the time to find a place that sells the potion in between threads (or, under certain circumstances, during a thread).
    • The whole thing must be consume: The whole drink must be consumed in order for it to take effect. Any attempt to drink only a partial amount of the potion will result in it not being able to take effect, and the remaining amount to be unusable. The same goes if a partial amount of it is lost.
    • Foul Tasting: The potion tastes very unpleasent, and which usually requires a bit of will in order to down it.
    • Breakable container: The glass container the potion is in is easily breakable when someone is careless with it.


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