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    Caravan Raids! Solo Job


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    Caravan Raids! Solo Job Empty Caravan Raids! Solo Job

    Post by Kenshi on 21st October 2014, 10:14 am

    San Toku, the Caustic Flame Mage of Savage Skull, stands at the base of a cliff and watches the caravan travel through the barren desert wasteland. His job is to destroy that caravan. Not a hard job for one who wields acidic flames. San holds out his hand and a ball of said flames springs into existence over his palm. The flames are a bright green, signifying that its acidity is near max at 20%. San begins to walk across the sandy, rocky ground on an interception course to the caravan moving slowly across the Forgotten Desert.

    When he was several yards away, the guards spotted him and cried a warning. They recognized him by the green flames curling above his hand, his skull half-mask and his green hair. He began to cackle madly as the people began to scramble around, drawing weapons and preparing for his attack. Not like it would help. Their weapons would melt. They would all melt. San drew back his hand and lobbed the fireball at the first wagon in the caravan. Upon impact, the fireball exploded, sending green flames all over the other wagons. As their roofs began to melt, people ran from them, screaming as whatever small pieces of flesh touched by drops of green flame began to melt as well. A small girl, presumably a merchant's daughter, fled the scene. She was intercepted by a max-acidity green fireball, which melted the ground below her and trapped her in a pit. San walked over to the edge of the hole and looked in, grinning insanely. The girl was about eight, and immediately began to cry upon seeing San's skull mask. "Hmm... I'll save you for later, little girl." San said, chuckling. The girl began to cry harder, screaming in terror. At that moment, a man, presumably the girl's father, ran from his wagon and swung his weapon at San's head.


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