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    Rainbow Light


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    Rainbow Light Empty Rainbow Light

    Post by Shard on 21st October 2014, 1:55 pm

    Name: Rainbow Light
    Rank: Weak
    Description: Rainbow light is a one handed rapier that will glow ever so slightly to illuminate darkness when a user who believes in beauty places their hand upon the hilt and speaks the words 'Illuminate this beauty'. The sword is only suitable for stabbing attacks and is very light and quite thin making it suitable for getting through gaps in armor and bones and making it possible to wield at very high speeds. The sword is tall enough to reach from the ground to the user's belly button. Shiraz is 6ft2 thus the full length is around 3ft. The blade is a majority of this say around 2.5ft.

    Rainbow Light Asuna_sword___lambent_light_colored_by_cyclesofshadows-d5myn9i

    The sheath for this sword is unique in that it is a prism and appears to be made of diamond whereas in reality is made of magic reinforced glass. This prism causes the swords white glow to appear rainbow coloured and to be amplified ever so slightly.
    Glow - The sword glow white, enough to function as a torch in the darkness giving a 15ft range. This glow is amplified slightly when in the sheath giving an extra 10ft to the range.


    Need details on Magna. Click the below image:
    Rainbow Light HqzsHuT
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    Rainbow Light Empty Re: Rainbow Light

    Post by Indiana Jones on 22nd October 2014, 11:51 am

    All looks good, So...

    Rainbow Light 2133iu9


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