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    Fleeing for dear Life!


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    Fleeing for dear Life! Empty Fleeing for dear Life!

    Post by Vain 20th October 2014, 2:20 pm

    The lands of the fallen kingdom of Iceberg were being held hostage by a seemingly everlasting curse of ice and snow. It was a rather harsh environment, and as one could aspect very little food was in circulation for others to share. The meager suffered in this land and this often lead to crimes a plenty. Times were hard that shouldn't have been such a difficult thing to understand right? Apparently not, especially when one tangos with the wrong crowd. Over the blistering howls of the rushing winds the sound of heavy breathing and panting could be heard. Foot steps smacking into the frosty ground cracking any ice beneath as a hooded figure fled.

    It seemed to be holding something in it's hands, a Sky blue gem of sorts that sparkled brightly even among the blurry area of snowfall. The being carrying said gem held it tightly as it tucked it in it's cloak, a rather ragged looking thing that cloak, it was tattered at the bottom and one would assume it offered very litte protection from the everlasting brutal climate of Ice Berg. The being fled and not to far behind him were four other beings, though not cloaked they ranged in various sizes and all had matching clothing and coats that bore an odd symbol.

    Dark Grunt: Catch that little bastard!

    Cried out one of the beings pursuers, the four men hearing this order began to double their efforts and increased in speed, seeing this the hooded being went for a large crowd of people, pushing and shoving his way through. The people were being shoved left to right and becoming quite irate because of this. The four grunts kept pursuing him but do to the anger and frustration the hooded figure cast only two were able to get through."Little fucker is smart, tried to loose us in the crowd!" One bellowed as the chase kept on going...


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