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    Alleria's Bank


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    Alleria's Bank Empty Alleria's Bank

    Post by Alleria 8th September 2012, 11:36 pm

    Alleria's Pet


    Name: Aya
    Species: Unknown/Extra terrestrial in Nature
    Type:Combat Pet/Legendary
    Originated from the out worlds, this cute looking pet can dish out serious damage when corned so don't let its cute exterior fool you. Physically it looks like a weird white fox. This creature has the ability to fly and move objects with its mind. Also it has a strong elemental alignment towards light.

    Alleria's Bank Celesteon_no_text_by_Effier_sxy
    -Can Fly.
    -Can Talk.
    -Can move things with its mind.

    Out of Battle abilities:
    Used to fly up in the sky. Can take up to one passenger only.
    -Useful transportation ability
    -Can only take one passenger at a time
    -Flying has limits, can fly for about 100 meters. Then she has to land and take a rest for 1 post.

    Used to communicate with her master or other people.
    -Can relay feelings more clearly.
    -Sometimes the shutting her up part can be a bit of a problem.

    Battle abilities:
    Name: Telekinesis
    A passive ability that allows to move things with its mind. Can lift objects up to the size full grown bull. It can move up to 4 objects at a time as long as long as they are light or hand carry objects. When the object is heavy she can only move one at a time.
    -Useful in moving objects around, hurling objects around and moving objects to block attacks around.
    -Can only move objects within its sight and within a range of 10 meters.
    -There is a limit to the weight it can carry, up to 300 lbs whether individually or collectively.

    Name: Star Burst
    Aya channels all light within her vicinity causing her to shine so brightly, then after one post she releases that stored radiance and lets out a shock wave of pure radiant energy that can reach up to a 10 meter radius. Has one post duration and a cooldown of 5 posts. The duration lasts twice when the victim hides behind reflective surfaces for the light bounces back and forth.
    -Strong light based offensive ability.
    -An area effect spell with a medium area of effect.
    -Channeling takes up one post.
    -Targets that hide beyond concrete or sturdy structures or object may be shielded from the blast.
    -It is like a double edged sword, can hard both allies and enemies if they are within the blast radius.

    Alleria's Weapon


    Name: Orb of Saya
    Type: Orb
    Alleria's Bank Crystal-ball-illustrator
    -Can be used like a communication lacryma.
    -Very durable, made from orihalcon crystal.
    -Can create bright light when magical energy is used on it.
    -Can be moved through mind link.
    -Mindlink needs concentration, she may loose control of it when she looses her focus.
    -The orb cannot travel for more than 30 meters of the owner.
    Out of battle abilities
    Crystal Ball - Can be used to locate missing objects or persons.
    Two way Receiver - Works in tandem with communication lacryma. Can be used to converse with people even though they are very far away.

    In battle abilities
    Illumination - The orb creates a brilliant flash of light that can temporarily cause daze on enemies and friends.After the initial flash the orb will retain its brilliance, strong enough to lighten things up in a dark cave but not strong enough to daze enemies. Dazed status lasts for 1 post. While dazed, accuracy is lowered.
    -Can also daze friends.
    -The light that comes from the orb can sometimes give away the users location.
    -Doesnt affect targets who are blind.

    Shield Block - The orb automatically blocks incoming attacks once every 5 posts. Can only block spells B rank and lower.
    -Cannot block chain attacks or attacks in succession, it will only block the initial attack.
    -Can only block magic attacks Rank B and lower.

    Alleria's Armor


    Name: Cloak of Deceit
    Type: Cloak
    Alleria's Bank 1
    -Very durable,light, quite fashionable and self repairing.
    -Can change the appearance of the wearer as long as she activates the ability.
    -Fire proof, can withstand high levels of intense heat and it wont burn.
    -Can only defend the back side of the bearer.
    -Can only defend against mid to low level magical attack.
    -Physical attacks can pierce through it specially piercing and slashing attacks.
    Off Battle ability
    Deceit - Transforms the appearance of the wearer.

    In battle
    Magic warding - blocks mid to low level magic attacks, specially if the attacks comes from the backside. Blocks B and lower ranked spells once every 3 posts.
    -Mostly only blocks attacks from behind.
    -Has little defense against piercing and slashing attacks.
    -Can only block magic attacks Rank B and lower.

    Levitation- Allows the wearer to levitate for a brief period. Lasts for 5 posts and cools down for 3 posts.
    -Can only levitate for a brief period of time.
    -Can only levitate up to a max of 50 meters high.
    -Can only levitate with max 1 passenger.


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