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    Shining Like the Moon!(No Interruptions, Job: Kariline, Talen and Kihia)


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    Shining Like the Moon!(No Interruptions, Job: Kariline, Talen and Kihia)

    Post by Kihia on 19th October 2014, 5:49 pm

    Kihia stood in his room staring out of his window, he had been preparing to take on a high priority mission from the Magic Council that had arrived in the Guild Hall only a few hours ago. The mission was for containment for a village far to the southwest of Hargeon, The infamous Haunted Village. The mission detailed that a spectacular event takes place, the rising of the perfect moon over the Graveyard Sea. Kihia had read about many of the festivals held in celebrations during his younger years studying under Iarok, however what he was not aware about the details of the eve of the festivals.

    As the mission detailed, the entire village was one large clan of Lycan’s, they normally could control their transformations and use them across Fiore for good. However on the Eve of the Perfect Moon, they lose control and go completely berserk. Kihia sighed, If the Magic Council knew this day was coming, why did they contract us with such a late notice…? Kihia then put on his family amulet, something he only recently discovered after visiting the ruins of his town with the rest of Team Serpent Soul while they were helping out Kariline. Kihia then slipped on his trench coat and sheathed his weapons, he nodded I am almost ready… Kihia then reached down and picked up the Ikarones’s comm bracelet and placed it on his left wrist.

    He lifted up his left arm, channeling a bit of his magical power to activate it, “Icer, are you receiving this transmission?” Kihia waited for a moment, then a small beep echoed from the bracelet, “Yes I do, Sir Kihia, what are you in need of?” Kihia nodded and said, “Prep the Ikarones for Launch, we have a high priority mission they we need to get on site ASAP…” After a moment, Icer responded, “Sir, does that mean you also want the Ship Catapult ready for use?” Kihia sighed and thought for a moment, “Yes Icer, prep the Catapult.” Icer didn’t respond for a second then spoke up through the bracelet, “But Sir… there are a number of things we nee-“ Kihia sighed for a second as she begun and said, “Icer, I know, but we have no time, I trust in the Masters magic, the Catapult will hold on its first use.”

    Kihia waited a moment when a small beep came out of the bracelet, this made Kihia nod and moved to walk out of his room. I had let Kariline and Talen Know to meet me in the lower stair case when they were ready, best to make sure they aren’t waiting… Kihia then walked out of his door and locked it behind him, he then turned and started walking down the hallway and took a turn to start walking down the hallway. After a moment he arrived in front of the hanger door and started to wait for Kariline and Talen to arrive.




    Introduction/Plot point:


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    Re: Shining Like the Moon!(No Interruptions, Job: Kariline, Talen and Kihia)

    Post by Talen on 28th October 2014, 6:20 pm

    Talen rummaged through his room in the Lamia Scale guild hall, making sure that he had all that he would need for his next mission. The magic council had sent out a priority mission to all mages, both light and dark, to protect a village from itself. Apparently there was a village of werewolves and this year, due to a so called "Perfect Moon", the werewolves, who were normally peaceful, were going to go berzerk and could rampage across Fiore, destroying towns and cities, unless someone stopped them. That was going to be Talen, Kariline and Kihia's job, contain the werewolves without seriously hurting any of them.

    "This should be fun," Talen said to himself as he looked for his hammer among the scattered cloths and a few snack wrappers. He had been napping before Zuo had summoned him and the others to the guild master's office and explained the job. Talen had been very excited at first, he had never met a werewolf during his childhood and the stories made them sound cool. However his excitement had quickly faded when Kariline had said that they needed to use Kihia's new air ship in order to reach the village in time.

    Flying had never been the summoner's idea of a good time, Aello always talked about it being the most exciting and enjoyable experience there is. But Talen had never liked the idea of being that high of the ground, especially in some sort of magical contraption. He much preferred his feet planted firmly on the ground. However, Kariline was right, they did not have time to take a train, so Kihia's ship was the only way.

    "Here it is!!" Talen shouted as he found Titan's Hammer under an old shirt. With that Talen looked over himself to make sure he had everything that he needed, keys, hammer, shirt, pants... alright.

    Talen ran thought the halls of the Lamia Scale guild hall until he reached the main stair case, which he ran down. At the bottom he saw Kihia waiting for him. With a nod, Talen asked, "Ready to go?" The summoner glanced around, looking for their last teammate who was coming on the mission. "Kihia, where is Kariline? We need to hurry." Talen looked around around, he did not want to ride lkihia's ship, but they needed to hurry and reach the village. "wasn't she the one that said we needed to use your stupid ship?"


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