Hakurou || Arlania's Companion


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    Hakurou || Arlania's Companion

    Post by Kari on 17th October 2014, 12:14 pm

    Name: Hakurou
    Rank: Legendary +
    Species: Magical Shape Shifter
    Type: Combat Pet

    ~ Appearance ~

    Human Form:

      Appearance :: In his Human Form, Hakurou appears as a humble younger man. He seems like he is in his early twenties, however his age is actually closer to a few thousand... His hair is a longer length for a boy, but only barely passed his chin. The hair color is a dark brown with a blue tint to it and hangs in a straight Fashion. Hakurou's eyes are a teal green and have a Serpent look to them; These are the traits that show of his true form. After transformation, his scales and feathers turn into his clothing, which is just traditional Japanese robing.

      Personality :: Loyal, Majestic, Wise and intelligent, Hakurou has the personality of a dragon without a doubt. He deeply cares for Lani and would do anything to protect the girl. After living for so many years Haku has no other reason to live then make sure she is happy and taken care of. So in return, Hakurou will get jealous if a male show's her any attention. Due to the way she was raised, it is hard to see it happening. His Wolf Form is by far the most used of his transformations. He will remain like that for a whole year at most, only transforming if absolutely needed. Being a wolf allows Lani to take to him for shelter and look to him like family.  

    Serpent Form:

    Wolf Form:

    Name: Shape Shift
    Type/Rank: Passive Ability
    Description: Hakurou is an ancient being that possess's the ability to shape shift into any form. However it has 1 speculation. Haku has to kill the being he wants to turn into. If it's a rabbit, he has to kill a rabbit and take in it's soul. If it is a Man... he has to kill a human man... And so forth. The transformation does take magical energy, at least half of what he possess's. So Haku likes to remain in one form for as long as he can.


    ~Variability: With each form comes something special. With Human, he can speak English. With Serpent Form, He has the gift of flight, and as a Wolf he possesses strength to protect Arlania.

    ~Stealth: Haku wouldn't use his forms so much for stealth, but fitting in. If he were to remain in his human form, he could act human, and perhaps Lani wouldn't be made fun of..

    ~Communication: Even though Haku has only possessed a few forms in his life, he is able to understand all forms of communication. That is a gift passed down from his beings.


    ~Death: Transforming into a new form takes half of his magical power. However he is a manifested form of Magic himself. If he were to try to transform again without regenerating, Haku would disappear.

    ~Killing: It is a gruesome way to live and Haku prefers not to kill anything. So he can only possess these three forms.

    ~Time: Haku can not remain in the same form for over 1 whole year. He has to transform at least once, regenerate his magic and transform again... This puts a dent in his camoflauge. However, Haku is getting more used to change.

    ~Pain: Unfortunately, this transformation is not easy on his body. It deals a great amount of inside damage. Growing bones, crushing bones, growing muscles and certain limbs... ect.. Because of this, on top of the magical energy being spent, Hakurou is rendered useless for one whole post.



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    Re: Hakurou || Arlania's Companion

    Post by Kihia on 21st December 2014, 9:01 pm




    Introduction/Plot point:


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    Re: Hakurou || Arlania's Companion

    Post by Wolfe on 28th October 2015, 1:01 am

    Unlocked, and moved to WIP due to player's request.


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