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    The Heratic (Job; Axel, Kiba and Viola)

    Akira Tatsumi
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    The Heratic (Job; Axel, Kiba and Viola) Empty The Heratic (Job; Axel, Kiba and Viola)

    Post by Akira Tatsumi 16th October 2014, 2:39 pm

    Job Details:

    Job Title: The Heratic

    Rank: A

    Player Requirements: A-Ranked Wizard(s) or two B-Ranked Wizards.

    Job Requirements: Thread must be 40 posts. 300 words per post. Davey's Magic is up too you. Must Roll the Monster Dice at least Four Times.

    Job Location: Pergrande Kingdom, Blacksteel Keep

    Job Description: Remy, the talking Raccoon from Seven has been captured venturing too far from his homeland. Remy always had a fancy for exploration as a merchant; and eventually he made it all the way to Pergrande; barely escaping with his life in Bellum, only too be captured within hours of entering Pergrande and sent too a famous prison in Pergrande, Blacksteel Keep.

    Remy will have his head on the block in the A.M, and a request has come in from Seven for you too accompany one of their wizards on a journey to rescue the plighted Racoon.

    Davey, the Duck Wizard will accompany on your journey. Davey wears a normal wizards robes, and hat, gray in color; but his staff is a spectacular twist of vines and branches; that seem to glow when he uses magic. Although he is, a walking talking duck; Davy is a rather serious wizard, and needs to lighten up. He is not happy about having to enter Pergrande.

    Although you will have too deal with Davey's complaints that you'll both be captured and executed, along with his thoughts of being crucified as a Satanic Duck; the Job presses on. You and the Wizard Duck approach a structure straight out of a Fairy Tail. The steel, literally looks black on the keep; and there are Pergrande guards everywhere; even visible from afar.

    Lucky too have made it this far into Pergrande without being captured, you and the Duck Wizard must free the Racoon Merchant before or at dawn. However, you will be forever branded as a Heratic (as all practitioners of magic are considered here) in the Kingdom of Pergrande; and will not be able too return too this nation unless you are in disguise.

    Bust Remy out, escape Pergrande, and seek safe passage back to Seven through Iceberg!


    Weak - Pergrande Guardsmen

    Normal - Pergrande Knight

    Strong - Pergrande Knight Captain

    Boss - Pergrande Paladin

    Reward: 40k Jewels, and One Spell Slot of Your Rank (Unless Maxed), Will be considered a Heratic in Pergrande Kingdom and an Enemy of Their Nation Afterward

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