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    A meeting of change(Leapflight)


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    A meeting of change(Leapflight) Empty A meeting of change(Leapflight)

    Post by Add 16th October 2014, 5:24 am

    Add.was sitting on his bed and was thinking about loose ends that primo didn't finish so he stood up and put on a jacket and set out for magnolia. Add knew that he might not have made someone cry but he hoped he could fix that. He walked around looking for fairy tail and then bumped into someone. He looked at the person and noticed Ebony just the person he was looking for. He leaned over and a spirt of Primo appeared and picked Ebony up and then walked back to stand beside Add."Ebony, Primo has died." Add let out no tear then walked up to her. "but I have some loose ends to tie up." Add didn't say he was primo because it would be to complex so he waited for her reaction.

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