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    Fun At The Park

    Akira Tatsumi
    Akira Tatsumi

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    Fun At The Park Empty Fun At The Park

    Post by Akira Tatsumi 13th October 2014, 8:07 pm

    "I think it is best for the environment if you picked up your trash sir," suggested Axel, smiling, to a man who threw a chocolate bar wrapper on the grass of Solemn Park.

    "What are you, a rune knight? I will put my trash wherever I want," replied the man. Axel's smile turned into a slight frown. He got out his knight badge.

    "I am going to have to ask you again sir. Can you please pick up your trash?" asked Axel, with a slightly irritated expression. The man, getting nervous now that he realized Axel was a knight picked up the wrapper and placed it in the trash can, located a few meters away from the two. Axel smiled at him, then continued his walk through the park. It was his day of from knight duty, but that did not mean Axel could not enforce the rules. He was very strict, and he was this way because he thought that if a person broke the rule in anyway and got away with it, they would think they could get away with more dangerous crimes, which would be a bad thing.

    While walking, a boy accidently kicked a red rubber ball at Axel's face. It did not hurt that much, and he was able to catch it in his hands.

    "Hey old man, gimme that ball back!" shouted the boy, who began tugging on Axel's pants.

    "Only if you promise not to play with it so roughly next time," replied Axel, smiling.

    "You are not my parents, so shut up and hand me the ball!" demanded the kid. Axel got out of the kid's grip, turned around, got his leg ready, and kicked the ball as hard as he could. He even called in the wind around him for the kick, so the ball went several hundred meters, not being seen again. The kid ran away crying.

    "Play safe next time kid!" shouted Axel.
    Almyra Bys
    Almyra Bys

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    Fun At The Park Empty Re: Fun At The Park

    Post by Almyra Bys 16th October 2014, 6:31 pm

    While Axel had been distracted by preventing a minor crime and ruining what most would probably consider a bratty kid's day, he had missed a rather peculiar sight: A lone woman, sitting on a nearby bench releasing a butterfly she had caught earlier from her hands. She watched it for a few moments, then heard the sound of a ball being kicked. Her gaze snapped from the butterfly over to Axel and the crying child. She saw the ball in the air, and in the brief moment it was in her sight, she gathered the information she needed in order to calculate where the ball would land, should she decide to go get it.

    The ball was of less interest to her than the one who had kicked it, though. Her gaze remained focused on him, her eyes glowing a soft green, obviously charged with some kind of magical energy. She took out her book and began to write in it quickly, pausing a moment before she decided to speak with Axel. "A bold move hidden in a minor action. A sequence has been set in motion but what will be its result? Will he forgive? Forget? Brood? Rebel? The consequences numerous, possibilities branching infinitely." Though Almyra was looking at Axel as she spoke, it would be difficult to tell if she was speaking to herself, to him, or to something entirely different.


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