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    A Mysterious House (Yuna and Ashlynn)

    Nayru 'Mouse' Ikana
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    A Mysterious House (Yuna and Ashlynn) Empty A Mysterious House (Yuna and Ashlynn)

    Post by Nayru 'Mouse' Ikana on 10th October 2014, 11:26 am

    Mouse as she reviewed her notes on the house before. Or more like what little notes she had about the house before her. There was next to nothing she could find about this house. The only thing she could pull up about the house was a strange urban legend that said that whoever enters the house comes out mad. Yet that was not going to deter her from her mission. Quite the opposite actually. If there's a urban legend made to deter people from entering it, there must be something of worth inside. Right?

    "Hmm... Well I haven't notice any signs of life in the house. Though I shouldn't assume it's deserted. There may be someone, or something, living inside." Mouse said to herself as she wrote a few notes about the house into the notebook she had with her, "So how exactly should I enter?"


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