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    Crucial Letter Delivery - A Note That May Change a Relationship


    Crucial Letter Delivery - A Note That May Change a Relationship Empty Crucial Letter Delivery - A Note That May Change a Relationship

    Post by Guest 9th October 2014, 10:59 am

    The Quest Taken On by Nikolai:
    Job: Deliver My Letter!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: At least one mage. Must be done under 10 posts, total word count 500
    Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter.
    Job Location: Magnolia Town.
    Job Description:
    There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
    Reward: 600 Jewels
    The Story
    Nikolai listened to the declarations of the man he was assigned to work for. "Listen to me. I need you to take this letter to this girl I know. Here's a picture." Nikolai then looked at the picture.
    "You know this chick?" Nikolai replied.
    "Yeah. We used to be friends in kindergarten. I liked her from the moment I met her. Isn't she pretty?"
    "I don't talk about other peoples' women."
    "Oh, you spoilsport," the man replied. "Anyways. I found out that she's coming here for a world tour. Your job here is to get past the little teenage girls, and big huge guards to bring this letter declaring my love for her to her dressing room door."
    "Why the hell aren't you doing this yourself," Nikolai replied. "You'd think somebody who likes someone else would go ahead and do something themselves."
    "I have work, punk."
    Nikolai sighed and placed the letter in his pocket.

    "As long as the letter gets to the woman, you'll get your prize."
    "What is that prize, anyway?" Nikolai replied.
    "You'll find out soon enough. Now, go!" The man ran out of the door and drove off.
    "Damn," Nikolai said as he walked out through the back door. This is going to take a hell of a long time. Nikolai had no car, so he had to walk the full six miles. When he was halfway there, he went into a cafe and ate a muffin with a mug of coffee which had a higher caffeine content than regular coffee. As he was drinking, he saw a well-furnished wagon which had the name of the celebrity which Nikolai was supposed to send the letter to. He finished the mug of coffee, but ran out the door all the while eating the rest of the muffin, getting crumbs on his white shirt. As he was running, he saw a mountain bike which could shift gears. Without even thinking, he jumped on the bike. It was at that moment when he'd be seeing his challenge.

    Nikolai skidded to a halt, falling off the bike. He then got up to see a legion of girls and women, accompanied by men in black. He then ran through the crowd and tapped on some random girl's shoulder.
    "What the hell is going on?" he asked.
    "Can't you see? Only, like, the best singer in the world is here! We came as soon as we found out she was coming over here!"
    "Good Lord, who the hell knew that people could get so riled up over one person?" Nikolai replied. "People are so unruly these days. It's not like she's going anywhere."

    Nikolai began pushing through the army. It was hard as hell, I'll tell you that right now. One girl punched Nikolai in the stomach, and another slashed his bicep with a switchblade. It wasn't until he was three yards before the entrance when he started punching back. Nikolai kept punching and punching, regardless of whoever was in front of him. God forbid that his fist collides with an elderly person! He then used some of the women as a boost to get to the top, jumping on others' heads in the process. He then got through the barrier. Now there was another matter at hand.

    One guard tried to tackle Nikolai, and succeeded until the Tartarus Mage lifted him up and threw him into the cesspool of bodies. He engaged in a literal boxing match with another, until he threw a right jab which knocked the human shield out cold. He then ran up the wagon, and stood tall with the letter in his hand.
    "I have a delivery for you," He said, but not after being thrust by the horse driving the wagon, and nearly stumbling off. "At least we're away from those bastards."

    "What the hell do you want with me?" The singer asked.
    "Your friend told me to bring this to you," Nikolai replied.
    "What friend?"
    "The one who has the hots for you, the white-haired one."
    "Oh really?"

    "Yes," Nikolai replied. "The reason why I'm even here right now is to read this crap."
    "Listen.......jabroni." The singer replied after determining that Nikolai was older than her. "I've had a million boys send me love letters. What makes his different from mine?"
    Nikolai winced. "God, you're thick headed. Jack told me to send this to you. Does that break through?"
    The singer widened her eyes and took the letter to read the following words:

    "I would take this to you myself, but I have work plus those girls can be quite a handful. Asides from that, I love you. I loved everything about you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I know this doesn't mean much, but I just wanted to let you know.
    -Jack Riley

    The singer felt a tear course down her face. "Oh, Jack!"
    Nikolai put his hands behind his head and smiled. "Does that answer your question?"

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