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    The Tale of a True Hero (Kichi's Farewell) [OPEN, OOC]


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    The Tale of a True Hero (Kichi's Farewell) [OPEN, OOC] Empty The Tale of a True Hero (Kichi's Farewell) [OPEN, OOC]

    Post by Kaseki on Sun 28 Sep 2014 - 1:02

    "Thank you."

    Kaseki held back his tears. He looked off as the man dispersed into the sky. He seemed to head straight for the sun. He knew of his high dreams and skills. "I hope to see you again one day, friend." It was Kichiro who found Kaseki on those long nights. He was just a hooded man in the Tavern. "This is not the place to be sad." that man would tell him. Kaseki always was angered at his response. It happened almost daily. "My sorrows are of no concern to you." Kaseki would hiss back. That man always kept his cool. He kept his composure. Rather than duking it out in public, he took Kaseki aside and told him. "I know what's up, I know all these identities you're creating. Give me one good reason not to arrest you." Kaseki looked at the mysterious man cross eyed. Did he threaten him? Did he see who Kaseki really was? Could he see Kodai? Kaseki respected him, he apologized. It was completely out of who Kaseki was. How did this stranger change who he was? The two exchanged words, they talked within those Tavern walls. It was as if that man understood the years of pain Kaseki went through.... and Kaseki never said a word.

    "Thank you Kichiro, may your wishes be fulfilled." Kaseki let the tear fall down his face. He held in the rest. He had hoped that he was going to a better place than Fiore. He hoped he would find his true calling. He hoped all of his own pain would be lifted. He hoped the best. And Kaseki didn't even know where he was from.

    Kaseki's eyes began to pour waterfalls. He;s face drenched. It was only a second after he said those words, and he felt like he died on the inside.

    But he was not alone... There was others.

    That mage, Kichiro Yukine, left his mark on the world. He touching the hearts of the evil and the sacred, the holy and the dammed, the wise and the innocent. He left his mark. Kichi was beloved and cared for. People had their own view on he type of person he was. In truth, he was brutally honest. Some hated him for that, others loved him for it. Kichi never told a lie this way. On multiple occasions KIchi would remind Kaseki how much the world really hated him. Kaseki was reminded of this and told his words to heart. He didn't take offense to it, instead it made him work harder to be who he was that day. Kaseki was a stronger soul due to the man's words.

    He owed his life to Kichiro. And he would give it all up to talk to him just once more.

    This whole thread will be rather... very OOC...

    We all have to say good bye to our friend. Both out of character and in character.

    Farewell Kichi.


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