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    Karina~ Demon Slayer 1000 words


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    Karina~ Demon Slayer 1000 words Empty Karina~ Demon Slayer 1000 words

    Post by ~Kana~ 27th September 2014, 2:39 pm

    Karina smiled happily as she watched the birds fly through the amber sky from her seat upon  her favorite bench in Solemn Park. She had come to this park to escape the noise of the guild and to help clear her mind of all her suppressing worries. Filling her lungs with the sharp cold air of nightfall she lent back against the back of the bench.
    The moon broke the horizon and flooded then lands surrounding the girl with its pale, ghostly light. However there was something wrong with this moon, it glowed a deep shade of red. Karina noticed it and gasped, it brought back memories she had been shoving to the back of her mind for years now. She forced her eyes closed closed, trying her best to shut out the images that were now appearing before her. But no matter how hard she tried, she could still see them, still hear them... Like it happened yesterday...

    The moon shone red high above the lonely village of Ariese and illuminated the dark buildings below with its haunting glow. A distant wolfs howl could be heard from when the black haired girl lay in the cobbled streets. The cool stone pressed against the small of her back and extinguished her flaring rage. Droplets of sweat ran down her face as the young girl gasped for more air.
    "Get up," A kind voice sounded from above the girl.
    "I-I cant..."
    "Here," The man reached out a strong hand and lifted the girl to her feet then turned her around to face him, "Hit me again," He instructed. The man was rather handsome for a middle aged man however his kind features were twisted when he was in his demon form like he was now. His black veins popped out of his skin as he tensed up and waited for the girls next blow.
    "P-please ... Dont m-make me!" The girl sobbed as her knees wobbled and the cold night air tugged at her hair.
    The man frowned at her, a disappointed look on his face, "Well how do you expect to become a demon slayer when you cant even hit your own father! Come, attack me once more." Silent tears rolled down the girls pale cheeks, her burning desire to become a demon slayer meant that she had to practice attacking her father who was a demon. She nodded, grimaced, then closed her eyes.
    "Shadow step," She whispered before sinking into the shadows beneath her and reappearing by her fathers side instantly. This was one of the first spells she had learnt, it enabled her to travel anywhere within a 50 meter radius by turning the shadows into portals.
    Before her father could react or even sense her presence she spoke, "Claws of the hell demon." She grew pair of claws on her hands and feet made out of pure shadows then slashed out towards her fathers stomach area. Tar like demon blood trickled from his body and stained his clothes.
    "Well done," He smiled at her however the pain behind his blank eyes. All her father had ever wanted was for his daughter to one day become a famously strong mage, even if this meant he was attacked by her.
    Karina began to cry, "I-Im so sorry..." her whole body shook as she stared at the large gash in her fathers stomach. She hated doing this but she had to, in order to fulfill her dream and make her father happy.
    "Again," He instructed, as if his wound didn't hurt at all.
    "No," Karina said firmly, determined to avoid hurting him again.
    "I said, again. Come on," He growled.
    "And I said no. I'm not going to do it!" Cystal tears rolled down her cheeks as she glared at her father.
    He sighed, then folded his arms over his chest "So you made me sacrifice myself just so you could say no in the end! How do you expect to become a hell demon slayer by doing that!" Karina may have only been eight years old but she knew he was winding her up, trying to get her heart rate up so she entered her demon mode. She had inherited this 'mode' from her father however she only entered it when she had heightened emotions for she is only half demon.
    "I guess you dont want to become a mage then... You dont want to be... strong."
    Karinas heart began beating fast, her mind was screaming that what he said wasn't true. Her eyes became endless pits of fire and her whole body trembled with rage. "STOP IT!" She half screamed into the night.
    She knew she was transforming yet she didn't do anything about it. Maybe if her father saw this side of her once again he would realize how much she wanted this. A haunting wail escaped her lips as she finished the transformation.
    Her fathers eyes widened, he hadn't been expecting her to fall for his taunts. He then noticed just how severe his daughters anger was and ran over to her. "Calm down! Please Karina... Listen to me!"
    Karina growled then pushed him away with such force that he was knocked off of his feet and landed on his back a few feet away. She then stormed off into the near by woods and started taking her rage out on the environment around her. Karina's mother called this a 'tantrum' and apparently all children had these. Not to this scale though.
    Trees crashed to the ground and animals fled from the young demon as she carried on rampaging, sobbing and screaming as her feet carved a path into the dirt below. Birds flew off into the night, their homes destroyed.
    "Karina!" Her fathers calls sounded all night however his daughter didn't return until the next day. When she did return her clothes were in shreds and blood matted her hair and caked her hands.

    And to this day she can still remember that disappointed look on her fathers face when she had returned home. It was something she would carry with her forever, to help motivate her in life.
    Karina smiled at the rabbit hopping across the grass in front of the bench, she had changed so much as had grown.

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