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    Readjusting (Social; Closed)

    Mr. Anderson

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    Re: Readjusting (Social; Closed)

    Post by Mr. Anderson on 22nd October 2014, 7:25 pm

    Marik took a heavy breathing, he then stared at Zoe after hearing her words asking for him, his attitude changed completely...
    The slayer went slower thinking of what was happening "I am sure she will understand... She is smart enough..." Marik stopped when he saw the girl in front of him, he laughed a bit and all his exaggerated love for Zoe disappeared, even if he had feelings for her it was not the same way that before, some how Marik became a bot more mature just for a moment "Zoe... I really think you are a great person, someone that some day will find the way to the light, search for your star, and it will guide you" the slayer smiled and laughed with one hand in his neck.

    When his hand went down his smile disappeared, he went closer to Zoe and tried to kiss her in the chick, he then laughed and smiled "Sorry Zoe... Nice to meet you by the way" the slayer flew with a high speed against the forest, disappearing in the woods.
    "Good luck... Zoe"


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    Zoe Schiffer
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    Re: Readjusting (Social; Closed)

    Post by Zoe Schiffer on 23rd October 2014, 1:29 pm

    Zoe scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, the same expression being evident on her face. She was capable of reading people and the Marik that stood before her now was different; she just knew he was, his personality had greatly differed and there seemed to some weight on his shoulders that he wanted to carry alone. It seemed as though there was some darkness within him.

    The brunette didn't know how she even came to that conclusion but she tried to make it escape from her mind, she did not want to think like this. But, every word that Marik spoke conveyed something to her and she knew for a fact that it was something serious. The star part that Marik had said confused her greatly, she did not know what he was talking about. Why would he say something like this? Why would he all of a sudden transform into someone else? All these queries swarmed Zoe's mind.

    Zoe's eyes widened slightly as Marik kissed her on the cheek and her face became a light shade of red. He apologized and said that it was nice to meet her and departed. Zoe was still a bit shocked from his contact with her that she could not say anything. Though they had just met, Zoe felt like she knew him well but at the same time, felt like she didn't know him at all.

    "Marik-kun, please don't do anything that you will regret later on." she whispered to herself, silently conveying her message to him. Looking around, she spotted a narrow lane leading to the edge of the forest and towards the city. Zoe followed the path and while going, wondered if  their paths were destined to intervene again; if they were, then she would definitly find out what was wrong.

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