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    Dark Celestial Summon- Souls Duality (WIP)

    Mary Mahoney
    Mary Mahoney

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    Dark Celestial Summon- Souls Duality (WIP)

    Post by Mary Mahoney on 25th September 2014, 3:29 am

    Username: Mary Mahoney
    Secondary Magic Name: Dark Celestial Summoning- Soul's Duality
    Evidence of Accomplishment:

    Description: Mary's study into the Celestial Keys have granted her a great discovery on the people's soul. Despite what people show and pretend to be, there is always a darkness within it.
    - Grants all the same ability bonuses as if they were summoned by Mary's primary magic.
    - Greatly increases their flexibility by granting her allies abilities as if they were Celestial Summons. It is treated as if a spell slot from D to S was expended to one summon.
    - Increases greatly the physical stats of the summoned allies making them very powerful.
    - Cannot control allies after their Dark side is summoned, they an be set lose and cause destruction.
    -The actual abilities granted by summoning are not free like a normal summon would, but instead paid by MP.
    -Extremely heavy price to summon 1 allies Dark form into the field.
    -Their key is required to do the actual summoning.


    Variable-Rank Spell Name: Soul's Duality
    Rank: Variable, but matches same rank as caster
    Type: Dark Celestial Summoning


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