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    Shining like the moon


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    Re: Shining like the moon

    Post by Aayla on 16th October 2014, 9:38 am

    “I don’t know if there really is an amulet or anything… but the chief said  that the first lycan’s had amulets created by their masters to control them. They’re masters, which he said were Vampires, always kept those amulets on them so that they would call total obedience from the lycan’s. From my understanding, those were passed down from one generation to another to make sure they were always kept in check. These were all just bed time stories though so I’m not sure where the amulets would be, if there even are any.”
    She explained, wincing as the healer seemed to jerk suddenly at her explanation, quickly apologizing before getting back to work on those wounds. Aayla glanced at his suspiciously. Obviously something that this woman recounted struck a cord with him… something here was nearing the truth.
    “You said the chief… would that be that man over there… with the little girl?”
    Aayla wondered, earning a nod from the woman and standing back up, giving her a polite bow and thanking her very much for her story before walking over to the man now lying awake next to his daughter. They had managed to cover him up with a sheet, thankfully because she didn’t know how well Cirven would do around naked people.
    She approached the man and his daughter, and began to recount the story that the woman told her, watching for any signs of understanding from the man at all. To her surprise, he looked guilty, and didn’t even try to hide that fact. He even leaped over to his daughter and kissed her forehead.
    “Sweety… daddy needs that necklace he made you now. Remember the promise we made?”
    He said softly. The little girl pouted as she reached into her shirt and retrieved what looked like a wooden amulet with blood red carvings in it, depicting the head of a wolf. She pulled it from her neck, and gave it to the man who was lying down in the stretcher. He didn’t give it up to the two blue haired mages yet though.
    “I didn’t think it was real… it was handed down to me by my father, and I was told to keep it as the biggest treasure I would ever own… No one thought those stories were true but if this will make sure that these events don’t happen again… then take it.”
    He said, offering it to the young dragon slayer who thanked him now as well, before taking the amulet in hand.

    Something still didn’t sit right with her…


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    Re: Shining like the moon

    Post by Cirven on 16th October 2014, 12:57 pm

    "Vampires? Are we just getting into all the mythical creatures now?" He didn't really believe in werewolves until he did this job and now he was hearing about vampires controlling them through an amulet which sounding like the one they were searching for. "That story sounds like a folk tale but we were up all night fighting against werewolves so I don't know anymore really.." He shrugged to his comment then thanked the woman for her help after his sister. "Take care and sorry about all of this again." He waved to the woman and walked away with Aalya.

    As they moved towards the chief of the village he looked around at the people they passed by. He saw that some of them had burn injuries and grew sad about it. This curse they had forced him to hurt innocent people with his magic. He couldn't help but think that what they had done the night before could have been prevented and that they would have never had to hurt those people like that. He wanted to apologize to each person but felt like it wasn't the right time for that. He didn't think he could really do it correctly anyways.

    It was like he had taken the reigns of horror that was brought on his town so many years ago and brought it to this village himself. He felt like he was no better than the people who massacred his town back then. He knew that they meant well but it didn't look like they did well at all.

    The chief laying on the stretcher didn't help matters either. It only showed him that him and his sister hurt the people of the village. He listened to the chief as he spoke about the amulet and then gave it to his sister. It didn't look powerful or anything to him. I just looked like a cool designed amulet to him. He couldn't feel any power coming from it either.

    A few minutes after his sister took the amulet some Rune Knights came up to the two blue-haired mages and forced them to leave the school. They were practically pushed out of the building and then were not allowed back in. Cirven could not help but feel like something was going on in the school that they were not allowed to see by the Rune Knights. The problem was they couldn't do anything but leave and hope that the villagers would be OK and that their horrors of turning into beasts at night would end with the amulet being gone.


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