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    Arcane gloves of the Hierophant


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    Arcane gloves of the Hierophant

    Post by Gatsu on 20th September 2014, 9:35 pm

    Name: Arcane gloves of the Hierophant
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Magic Gloves
    Description: Grey-black gloves with red ridges along the back of fingers of the gloves. Material made of a cloth called 'mageweave' , a special soft cloth said to heighten one's magical abilities. Smooth as silk but durable. Are worn snugly on the hand. On the palms of each glove, there is a complex magic circle inscribed on it, allowing the wearer to control arcane energies via use of hands to mold the 'aether'. When activated the lines and circle glow white with light.
    - Strong blasts from just gloves

    - Ranged Attacks so has a higher chance of at least hitting one target
    - No Accuracy, as it's just a free fire it doesn't lock onto any targets

    - Gloves can easily be destroyed

    - Rockets and Magic blast can be easily evaded    
    Abilities: The wearer is able to weave his own magic energy into the aether of his surroundings to bring forth pure magic energy-- arcane energy-- into the physical world. Done in two ways:

    Arcane Missiles, Rank D
    Type: Offense, Multi-projectile
    Range: 10 meters
    Effect: From the palms of the wearer/caster, launches three arcane-energy projectiles that fly for the target/targets. Each bolt does moderate damage, combine does serious damage. Duration is 1 post, Cooldown is 3 posts.

    Arcane Barrage, Rank D
    Type: Offense, Single Target
    Range: 10 meters
    Effect: Charges a concentrated blast of arcane energy before wearer/caster and unleashes it forward. The blast is an ethereal-like stream of arcane energy that goes after the target. The caster can move his hands to change the direction of the stream to follow a target. Control of the beam lasts 2 posts. Should beam hit, it causes serious damage to target. Duration is 2 posts, Cooldown is 4 posts.

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    Re: Arcane gloves of the Hierophant

    Post by Tuna on 23rd September 2014, 5:59 am

    This app is on hold until Gatsu has decided what to do with his character.


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