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    The start of fame (Open)

    Aiden Ainsley
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    The start of fame (Open)  Empty The start of fame (Open)

    Post by Aiden Ainsley 18th September 2014, 8:01 pm

    The stage was set in the afternoon. The crowds were pretty heavy with many members of Fairy tail and other residence of Magnolia due to the fact that one of their own were performing today.  Lance leaned on a wall backstage with a small sigh. Lea appeared in front of him with a warm smile "You nervous dad?" she said sweetly as Lance shook his head "Of course not!" he said defensively as he looked at the front of the stage and saw the crowd with a grimace.

    To be honest he was actually quite nervous as he was used to singing by himself but now this was his shot at fame and he was ready to take it by the hand and pull it closer to him. The only problem was the crowd out there.

    He glanced back at Lea "How are there this many people?" he asked her confused as she smiled "I put up flyers that you were singing Dad. They came here to see you!" she said as she hugged him and pulled away "Go out there and rock it!" she said as she moved farther backstage to do some work with lighting and such.

    Lance walked up on stage with a nervous smile as he adjusted the microphone that had been placed on his face. He waited until the band was all settled and took a deep breath before beginning.


    Once it started the music just flowed through him like it was nothing and it was over in a heartbeat. He blinked for a few times and laughed under his breath as he bowed and walked behind stage.

    OOC: Now for anyone who wants to do a social wait around after the concert but if not feel free to just make one post and leave.


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