The Fourth Musketeer!(Kihia, Potato, and Naraca)

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    Re: The Fourth Musketeer!(Kihia, Potato, and Naraca)

    Post by Naraca Breaker on 4th November 2014, 2:11 am

    The floor underneath everyones feet suddenly and violently collapsed in large chunks. Naraca was staggered from the motion and had to stop. The rumbling was caused from two large ice made weapons that shot up from the floor. Naraca recognized them immediately as Kihia's. The damn ice boy was gonna collapse the entire library. The word danger didn't cover the potential damage that would come from this, or the injuries.
    Quincy had been stabbed in the wrist by one of the swords The man in black was holding, he was gonna get the upper hand soon. Yet the simulated earthquake had stopped them both. She'd be okay, for the moment at least.
    Naraca's attention was turned to the people with there arms and legs bound along with there eyes and mouths covered. The Townsends were in the most danger by far since if they fell without any means of breaking there falls they'd certainly get severely injured or killed.

    His feet went up off the air and he flew forward, or rather zipped forward, passing Quincy and The man in black. As he approached them, he noted quite a few people, too many. With little time he treated them like how he would luggage and grabbed who he could. The children were first, a boy and girl. He picked them both up and tucked them underneath his arms like two duffel bags. They struggled and tried to wriggle away but he squeezed them into his armpit, there body's facing him and there hips being tucked into his arm. It wasn't the most comfortable, or ideal way to carry them, but he needed his hand for the parents, or at least he hoped were the parents.
    The floor rumbled more violently, and the two ice weapons were pulled, causing massive cracks in the floor that turned to fissures that were quickly spreading around the hard wood floor as it began to collapse.
    He rushed over and bent his knee's and took hold of there shirts, the two Townsend parents and lifted them up off the ground. Could he save more? Just one more maybe.

    The floor made a final bang and crash before it started to fall down in several large slabs. The chunks fell first then the slabs quickly followed. Naraca was not taken down by gravity yet he watched as one more girl was. He flew straight down, then flipped his body back and opened his legs. He wrapped both legs around the other girl and stopped her fall, flying up into the air a little to avoid the rubble from hitting any of them as it all fell. Bookshelves filled with books, chunks and slabs of wood and concrete all peppered the floor below in a rain of building materials.
    He let everything land on the ground and settle in its place before he descended down to place the Townsends somewhere safer. He wanted to remove there gags and bounds but upon landing he already saw things weren't quite finished yet.


    The floor caving in and falling happened fast, only the quick pain of something sharp on his shoulder before everyone hit the ground, with the exception of a few Townsends that were carried into the air by the big guy.
    The man in black hit the ground hard on his back, causing the air to escape his lungs and maybe a rib or two fracturing as well. Some books fell on him as well yet surprisingly no bookshelves. Nothing landed on his head either.
    It took a few seconds before he could take a breath. When he did he lifted himself up off the ground slowly, and with a few grunts. His hood falling off his head as he did, yet his body ached and he was too disoriented to realize it at the time.
    Once he got up he was snapped back to reality by a sudden shove against his shoulder and his back hitting a wall, causing more pain to surge throughout his torso.

    He looked to his right and saw that ice wizard was holding him against the wall with a cold gaze, fitting for an ice mage.
    "No one hurts my friends" the LS wizard declared.
    The man in black gave out a few pained chuckles through some grunts at the wizards comment.
    "Heheh...Friends...? Is that what they are to you?" He asked Kihia in an odd, cryptic manner of irony.

    In front of him, Quincy looks far worse then he did. Bruising and cuts around her body, and now a fresh hole in her wrist bleeding as well as her hand. She was out of breath and wounded quite badly. Yet her hands came together and two large, multi-colored arms formed above her's. She dragged the arms like two heavy bags and lightly brushed Kihia aside. The man in black frowned in confusion at this gesture and when she put her electrified arm on him he was almost about to teleport away when she began to do something that gave him a near feeling of disgust.
    She began to plead to him.

    What happened to her parents...That's what she wanted to know?

    The man in black let the question hang for a moment as he took a quick glance around. The ice wizard was looking right at him and the big guy had rescued the Townsend family. Quincy had her electrical arm on him and could shock him anytime she wanted. Even if he did get away he knew he'd lose this fight. He had no backup, he was hurt, and bleeding a bit himself, and his magic was much lower then he wanted to be. The Townsends were also safe and those Musketeer women were nearby. He lost this fight, it was over for him regardless of what he did.
    Quincy almost looked like she was begging him for mercy, the look didn't suit her. Nor did her question.

    "Why?" He finally replied, a curious look on his face.
    He got down on one knee to face her at eye level and looked straight ahead at her, his eye's now unshadowed by his hood and looking into hers.
    "Why would you care about them? What have they ever done for you? They were weak, unfit to raise someone like you. If I left you with them you would've grown up to be a spoiled brat." He explained to her as he recalled the memories of the mansion her family owned. How posh and rich it was, how unnecessary it all was.
    "They didn't know you Quincy, who you were, what you could become, but I did, I saw it, I saw that fire, I saw it from the moment I saw you."
    He reached one hand out to gently place it on her shoulder.
    "Look at you Quincy...Look at what you are now...I gave this to you. This power, these fighting techniques, your speed, even your friends and your guild...They are all yours because of me, because of what I've done for you."
    His eye's didn't stray or move away from her's, but he did hear the big guy coming a little closer now. Likely just to make sure he didn't do anything, but he was answering Quincy after all. He had a feeling no one would stop him yet.

    "You don't need them, you've ever needed me...I'm your father. I always have been, and I always will be."


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    Re: The Fourth Musketeer!(Kihia, Potato, and Naraca)

    Post by Kihia on 4th November 2014, 6:53 pm

    Kihia was gently pushed away by Quincy so she could make it to the man in black, he let her pass, but when he saw her injuries, his brow furrowed in Concern. He then listened to what the exchange of words and his fists tightened at the words the man in black were spouting. He grew angrier and angrier at the nonsense until he had finally had enough, “I don’t know Quincy’s past… but I will say this… Quincy Does not need you! She is a strong and capable mage who has proven herself multiple times, as well as cared for her companions when they were in distress… You may have hurt her… scarred her… but that is only a small part of who She really is! Any person who doesn’t know what happened to their parents has an innate longing to know them!”

    Kihia placed his right arm onto Quincy’s shoulder to comfort her, “We as humans are inheritedly weak… no matter how strong our magic is… that’s why it is important to have friends and relationships… it gives us strengths that we cannot find on our own…” Kihia waited a moment then lowered his right arm, “We each have our own strengths… Our Team… is a diverse group of people… however for each of the weaknesses one may have… we have each other to strengthen us and help us move forward… this is nothing you could ever have provided her!” Kihia finally quieted down, his cold glare staring straight into the man in blacks eyes… He reminds me… of the type of people… who… killed my own… family….




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    Re: The Fourth Musketeer!(Kihia, Potato, and Naraca)

    Post by Guest on 14th November 2014, 10:36 pm

    Quincy snapped out of her weakened state and pushed all of her force against the man in black forcing him to the ground and she shouted "THAT IS NOT ANSWERING MY QUESTION!" She then forced him up by holding him with one arm made from her closed circuit spell. "What did you do to them! If you avoid this I will break your miserable spine in half like a toothpick. I am resisting the urge to do so now.... but these two won't allow me to do that... These are my friends and they did more for me than a pitiful excuse for human life like yourself could have done for anyone. And like Kihia said, my team is my strength. As long as they are by my side I can only get stronger." She gave a slight squeeze on the man in black hoping to force the answer out of him. "Now tell me what you did to them."

    She looked fierce on the outside and no one has ever seen her more physically angry. The mixture of defeat and anger blended together into a face of rage that she wore when she was a child. Her ebon skin arced with lightning and rain could be heard starting outside the mansion as well as the sounds of thunder and lightning. The light from the bolts of electricity lit her face letting her crimson eyes stare blankly back into the man in blacks. Returning his never ending glare with one that was just as sinister. It was time that the man in black paid for what he had done to everyone..... what he had done to Devin.

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