[C Rank] The Fourth Musketeer


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    [C Rank] The Fourth Musketeer

    Post by Admin on 27th January 2014, 10:08 am

    Job Title: The Fourth Musketeer

    Rank: C

    Solo Word Count: 1,500 words

    Group Word Count: 3,000 words

    Additional Requirements: A passport Must Defeat at Least Three Groups of Enemies and the Boss. After defeating three groups of enemies "STEALTH" becomes optional; and avoiding the enemies that appear by hiding and using espionage within Townsend Mansion until the Boss appears.

    Job Location: Earthland (Minstrel), LeBuque Town

    Job Description: 'Musketeers' that's what wizards are called in Minstrel. Charged with keeping the peace in the entire nation, the Musketeers are an ancient organization that accept only wizards into their Ranks. Unlike Fiore; they do not have an organization charged with keeping their Musketeers in check; rather, the Musketeers, protect the civilians of Minstrel and are the official lawkeepers of the nation.

    However, there is trouble afoot in the elegant town of Lebuque. It seems; some Dark Wizards from Fiore have managed to break into the house of one of the most famous nobles in all of Minstrel. Sir Townsend. They have taken him, and his entire family hostage; and have laid demands of 1 million jewels down or it will mean their death.

    The Musketeers are all to familiar with Dark Wizards, but felt it was best to contact the Guilds of Fiore for help against their own natives.

    Your mission is simple; infiltrate the Mansion and free the Townsend family from the grasp of the Dark Wizards from Fiore.

    The Musketeers have assigned three of their very finest Musketeers to make sure it goes smoothly.

    Their names are Atha, Atma, and Portha. Blonde, Red-Head, and Brunette; respectively. These girls are REAL lookers; but don't let that fool you. All of them are extremely skilled wizards, fem fatales; and use both Gun Magic and Sword Magic at levels that far exceed this Jobs requirements.

    However, they are personal friends of Sir Townsend and his family; and will stop at nothing to help you free him.

    Meet up with the Three Musketeers at the location that the Musketeers organization has told you they'll be waiting for you.


    Weak: Wind-Make Wizard x2 - Goes down in one hit of C-Ranked damage, or two hits of D-Ranked damage. Will target Lightning, Water, and Projectile Users first.  

    Normal: Earth-Make Wizard x2 - Goes down in two hits of C-Ranked damage, or four hits of D-Ranked damage. Will target Water and Wind type opponents first.

    Strong: Summoner Wizard x2 - Goes down in four hits of C-Ranked damage. Or eight hits of D-Ranked damage. Will target Darkness or Light type opponents first.  

    Boss: Teleportation Wizard - Goes down in 10 hits of C-Ranked damage. Or twenty hits of D-Ranked damage. Will avoid anything less than a C-Ranked attack with an instant teleport without even trying. Will teleport behind you and attempt to use melee (hands and feet) strikes in combination with his teleportaton magics. Also may grab an item and warp it above your head to fall on you; or other tricky surprises.

    Reward: A Green "Musketeer" outfit to wear when you're in Minstrel, showing that you are always welcome in Minstrel and are considered an official wizard there, just like you are in Fiore. 10,000 Jewels. C rank exp.

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